Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Saga of the Rift Goblins

I am currently obsessed with Pinnacle Entertainments Rifts for Savage Worlds.  I never played the original Palladium Rifts, in fact I made a point of avoiding because of all the stories I heard about the gross imbalances in the game.  Thankfully i put those biases aside and looked into Savage Rifts and it has quickly became on of my favorite setting.  I love the fact that i can put anything into Rifts Earth and it adds to the gonzo nature of the setting.
    This adding anything gave me the idea of adding elements of one of other favorite settings for Savage Worlds, Richard Woolcock's Saga of the Goblin Hordes, to Rifts.  It is a hilariously twisted game where you play vicious goblin gang bosses that are fighting off human adventurers.  Its a great setting if you haven't check it out i highly recommend it. Plus, you will need it to make sense of the rest of this post.

I used five of my favorite goblin archetypes from Saga of the Goblin Horde and applied Rifts Iconic Frameworks.  Here is the link to the filled out character sheets of those goblins.

After I shared this blog post a fellow Rifts and Saga of the Goblin Horde acquaintance of mine, Patrick Greenlaw, wanted to join the fun. He created the Goblin Mystic, Mindmelter, and Wilderness Scout archetypes. Now there are eight nasty little goblin bosses to cause mayhem and mischief on Rifts Earth. Thanks again Patrick.

Plus I updated the Goblin Crazy.  Chainswords are my favorite Rifts melee weapons, but it bothered me that I had two characters wielding the Great chainsword. I recently discovered the Juicer chainsaw in the Palladium Juicer Uprising book. It was so cool I had to update it to Savage Rifts. I gave the Goblin Crazy the WI-C8 multipurpose. Because a goblin with a chainsaw with a freaking laser on it is just five levels of Awesome!

These Goblins are intended to either be used as characters for a player to use in a Rifts game, or as a GM to use in their game as NPCs.

For anyone that would like to use this gaggle of goblins here is some backstory for you to use and manipulate as you deem.

Our goblins are not originally from Rifts Earth.  They came from a planet where the various goblin clans have carved a niche for themselves on the edges of civilized lands.  They and their gangs of flunkies were playing one of their favorite games, Pigstickers.  This game consisted of them running through a human town and stabbing a long sharpened pole in the town's inhabitants and seeing how many they can fit on one pole.  The game was going quite well, lots of poking and screaming.  This all changed when a large glowing portal opened up in the middle of the town.  The humans ran into the portal in an attempt to make the game more exciting.  (That was quite nice of them).  Our goblins of course followed not wanting the game to end.

Sadly the fun came to a quick end, on the other side of the glowing portal was a group of humans wearing black metallic skeleton armor and large weapons that shot bolts of burning light.  These armored humans decided to protect the towns people and opened fire on the goblins.  The goblins barely survived.  They had to sacrifice their flunkies to the burning light blasts in order to escape.  After a time the skeleton armored humans left  in their large horseless wagons, taking the townspeople with them.  By this time the portal had vanished trapping our goblins in this new world.

Thankfully goblins are excel at three things killing humans, eating humans, and surviving so they can do more killing and eating of humans.  Surviving is just what our goblins did.  It took a while but their fortunes turned.  It began when Reggie Furtongue was able to steal a suit of NG-V61 Gunwolf armor.  Once he figured out how to control this giant metal beast he was able to lead his fellow goblins on a mission vengeance against the Coalition for ruining their game.

Big Chief Furtongue, as Reggie is now called, led his goblins into a the mercenary lifestyle calling themselves the Redfang Mercenary Company, in honor of their old clan.  They made frequent attacks against Coalition patrols and accepting jobs from various D-Bees willing and able to pay for their services.

The Redfangs established a fortress in the north eastern Ozarks called Gob-Town. Their fortress resides on the top of a forested hill. The walls of their fortress are composed  of reinforced salvaged metal sheets. The walls are decorated with trophies of their revenge against the Coalition.  Impaled coalition soldiers line the ground leading up to the fortress.  Suits of Dead Boy armor hang from the walls.  When the wind blows they create an eerie clanking sound.  On the front two corners of the fortress repurposed Coalition Spider walkers serve as weapon turrets.

Now that the Redfangs have a permanent base Big Chief Furtongue has wanted to recreate the glory of Clan Redfang.  Unfortunately the lack of goblins on Rifts Earth that are willing to be the subjugated flunkies has forced Big Chief Furtongue to seek alternative methods.  Big Chief Furtongue as enlisted his Techno-Wizard Krusty Snaggletooth to create goblins for him. 

After a series of experiments Krusty has perfected magically enhanced nano bots, powered by energy siphoned from the nearby ley line, that can reform human DNA to a more pure goblin DNA.  The procedure has been endearingly called, "Putting some goblin in ya."  The procedure has varied levels of sucess. One out of three times the procedure works and the human becomes a perfect hybrid of goblin and human. The new creation is a proper Flunky and has been had their brains reformed to ensure they are completely loyal to the Redfang bosses. Flunkies will give their life to protect their bosses with no question. Use the Soldier from the Foes of North America adding darkvision and the Major version of the Vow hindrance. 

The other two times the procedure does not work as well. The result is a Feral hybrid.  With animal intelligence and horribly deformed and twisted bodies the Feral are the prefect cannon fodder.  They are completely loyal, perfectly subservient, and almost seem to enjoy being slaughteres.  Use the Mindless Minion from the Foes of North America adding darkvision and the Major version of the Vow Hindrance.

Big Chief Furtongue has been satisfied with his new minions.  Sure they have the taint of human to them, but some times sacrifices must be made.  Big Chief Furtongue finds great satisfaction on mainly using captured coalition soldiers to create his minions.  That will teach them to ruin his fun.

Each of the goblin bosses are able to throw their minions in harms way.  Once per turn when a goblin boss receives a wound they can spend benny and transfer the damage to an adjacent minion.  when encountered out side of Gob-Town a goblin boss is usually accompanied by 1-2 flunkies and 3-4 Ferals.

The Tomorrow Legion has heard of the Redfangs and is still assessing their threat level.  Yes they are twisted and malevolent little creatures, but their focus on attacking coalition troops has been their saving grace.  They are not aware of the "Putting some goblin in ya" procedure.  If they were to ever find out it may change their opinion.

The Redfangs can be encountered in a few ways.  The players could come across the Redfangs as their are traveling off to their next job.  They are not known for traveling discretely. Their resident Crazy, Squiggle Mushroomhead, loves riding on top of the lead truck playing heavy metal riffs on his guitar piping the music through loud speakers.

If the players are confronting Coalition Forces the Redfangs could show up and help with the destruction and capturing of the surviving troops to take back to Gob-Town.

Well thanks for reading over this idea of mine.  I hope you enjoyed, and if you end up using any of this i would love to hear how it went.

Friday, April 21, 2017

A bit of fiction i am writing

“I hate it when i’m too late.”
Drake chided himself as he released his concentration on the glowing shaft of psychic energy emanating from his hand, causing it to fade away..

The flickering fluorescent lights in the dilapidated apartment entryway intensified the gore and carnage that lay at his feet.  The rent and bloody corpses of a young man and woman decorated the walls and floor in crimson.
    Drake kicked the artist of the couple demise. The massive waxy skinned monstrosity shuddered.  Drake reflexively crouched and blue fire like energy flared from his eyes as he prepared for the corpse to rise up.  The corpse returned to lying still.  Drake,now content the emanation was properly defeated, waited for it to dissolve back to the energy and emotion that it had composed itself of.  Drake watched as the thing dissipated, studying his foe.  Its naked warped body a despicable mockery of hatred and fear.  This being like all emanations that were born in the realm of Earth’s collected consciousness grew outside of physical reality, collectively known as the Anibus.  From Anibus, these entities born of thought watched the physical world and fed off of humanities emotions, until they grew strong enough to manifest a corporeal form. Then wreaked havoc on Earth treating humans as a never ending food source.  Reveling in the high of unfiltered direct sustenance from the source of all emotion.

“Hurry up you bastard. I really don't need to be caught in the middle of your mess.  I wish i hadn't been so distracted.  I would have felt you much sooner and may have been able to save at least one of these poor souls.”
    Within moments the emanation finally dissolved back to its state of pure mental energy, leaving no trace of its physical existence.  Except for the remains of its meal.
    Drake leaned over the couple's remains and solemnly whispered, “may your energy quickly travel to its place of rest. I am truly sorry could not have done more for you.”

    Drake turned towards the entrance of the gore splattered entryway.  He pulled the hood of his jacket over his head and walked into the night filled streets.  He walked into the alley that ran along the building.  He stopped halfway and closed his eyes.  He focused his consciousness on the center of his thoughts, until he reached a point of heightened clarity.  He then sent his soul out of his body and into the all enveloping realm of Anibus.  Existing in both worlds at once he raised both sets of his hands, the astral and the material, in front of his selves.  IN mirror like unison extended his arms outward.  In the wake of his hands a tear in the fabric of reality spread.  He stared at himself and welcomed his soul home.  Once again his full self he stepped through the rift and entered the Anibus. The glowing rift sealed itself shut behind Drake revealing no sign of his passage from Earth.

    From a rooftop a cross the street Agent Moore put down his camera.
“Damn it not another Traveller.  This will make my life so much more difficult.”  He sat down on the rooftop and reached into his backpack, and pulled out his laptop.  He connected his camera and began uploading his documentation of Drake’s fight with the emanation and his opening of the rift.  He clicked on an icon and opened a video feed.  The logo of the Office of Psionic Affairs filled the screen.  It was replaced with the tired face of an older gentleman in a tidy black suit and tie.
“Agent Moore what can I do for you. You are aware of the time, aren't you.”
“Thank you for answering Director Stoke, I know it's late.  I just uploaded photos of another Psion illegally using his abilities to the database.  I would not have normal called you, but this one is a Traveller.”

The look of frustration and fatigue faded from the Director’s face, replaced with intrigue and excitement.

“Were you able to get a picture of him traveling?”

Unable to hide the pride from his voice, “Yes Director I was.”

“Fantastic son.  You have done the O.P.A. proud.  Now go home and rest.  I will contact you when we have finished going through the photos and running this Psion through the system.”

“Thank you Director.”

The window closed on the laptop and Agent Moore packed up his belongings.  He stood on the roof top staring at the spot where he watched the rift appear.  He lit a cigarette and let his mind wander. Agent Moore smirked to himself as he fantasised about he could make this aberration of humanity pay for his crimes.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Time for a rework and a new take on bennies

I have been giving Anibus a major rework. The setting as I was approaching it was feeling very redundant and a bit boring to me. It was lacking quite a bit of soul.

I have decided to strip it down to core ideas and redress it.

Animus is now, for a lack of better words a PsiPunk setting.  It is set on a modern Earth after a massive psychic awakening. Humans began awakening to their psychic potential in mass. Which quite reasonably freaked out the masses quite a bit. The use of psionics has become illegal. All psions must register with the O.P.A., the Office of Psionic Affairs, well in the USA at least. After this all psions are monitored and must report their travels.

A side affect of the awakening of humanity, is the creation of a realm of collective thought and energy that encompasses earth. Think of it as Earth' s aura.  This realm has become known as the Anibus.  Closest to earth it is a mirror image. Buildings can be seen and so can blurred shadows of earth denizens.  In Anibus strong emotional energy created by humans spawns spirit like creatures called Emanations. Relations sit In Anibus and are drawn to the energy that created them. Then the feed on that energy growing in size and power.  Eventually emanations grow strong enough they can materlize on Earth and depending on there energetic makeup cause havoc.

Further from away from earth there are realms of collected dreams and stories.  This is where reality travelling ended up.

Mechanically I wanted to shake up how bennies are portrayed in the game.

Still working on a name but I want the usage of bennies to manifest in game. They represent a psions exerting their will on reality and rewriting it to their favor.  When a Benny is used it's effects manifest in the world. If used to reroll there could be a glitch in the matrix if you will. Reality seems to correct itself. A bullet that missed suddenly changes direction and hits it's target. For a basic example.  Soaking a wound either the wound is dealt and instantly heals, or the psions hardens their skin and the attack simply bounces off. It is up to the player to describe how their bennie usage is reflected.

I also wanted to add a temptation Bennie. I was inspired by Sean Patrick fannon's dark side bennie in his Star Wars setting.  Every player starts with an extra bennie called a madness bennie. This bennie represent a a psion being able to dip into the dark chaotic places of their mind. This madness bennie works like a normal bennie but provides a +2 to the roll it is used on.
When a madness bennie is used the player makes a spirit roll. The roll has a -1 for each madness bennie they possess. If the roll is failed one of their three starting bennies is replaced by a madness bennie. Plus the player rolls on the psychosis table in the horror companion. As long as they possess that new madness bennie they have the new psychosis. 
When the players have four madness bennies they have one more chance. If they would ever end up with a fifth psychosis and madness bennie they have become a Gnawed one and are irredeemable insane and become a NPC for the GM.

Well that is where I am at for now. Ill post more as I think of anything .

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A new take on Reality

Today I thought about what type of realities would I like to include in Anibus.   I just finished some examples of what goes on in my head when I think about exciting realities to tell stories in.

I gave an example for what our earth would be like in Anibus. There is an alternate Earth.  It is a flat Earth that has void wraiths infesting the underside of the planet.

I rewrote the description for Toren.

I added Wellsfar. Its a combination of samurai movies and westerns. So cowboy samurai. hell yeah!

I added the mutant wastes.  It is a post apocalypse waste land where humans were mutated by a green rain, and animals became evolved and took over the world.

Finally i added Eldron.  It has elves that were over thrown by their human slaves.  Now elves are ugly decrepit, homeless creatures looking for their next hit of etheric energy.

I am still trying to figure out how i want to go about making a series of charts for  a random reality generator.  That will take a bit more brainstorming, or me realizing i am making the process to damn hard.  One or the other.

Once again the link

Plus today's Blog was brought to by Anthrax.  The band not the powder.

I have a cover for Anibus!!!

I get out of work last night and I check my phone. Awaiting me I have a message containing pure awesomeness.

Manuel Sambs sent me a cover he made for Anibus.... just because.... I'm still floored, and beyond grateful.
First thing this morning I included it in my document.

Here is the link again so you can check it out in all its awesomeness

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Some Anibus revisions

After I posted the .doc file for Anibus. I rethought some things and Manuel Sambs, from the G+ Savage Worlds community, was very helpful in some advice and critiques.

I rethought having all player characters start with an arcane back ground. Instead they start with a new edge called Awakened.  This allows characters to be aware of the Greater reality of Anibus, and have a reduce effect of Detect arcana. Plus the ability to Travel.  Arcane Backgrounds now must be taken as normal.

I figured not everyone may want to be a magic user, but they still need to be part of the society and culture that is aware of the Ethereal Sea.

I also added the AB alchemy as an option. Mostly because I keep kicking the idea around as a plot hook of the players being hired to gather certain items so an NPC can make a potion of some sort.

I removed some redundant comments of difficulty in Travelling Dramatic tasks.

I add some greater variety in the Void wraiths. They can now manifest as any demon from the horror companion.  Plus I unrestricted Holy Warrior, and champion edges. So now you can play a Void Wraith hunter.  I also put in the Dark Gods from the horror companion, as the leaders of the Void Wraiths. To give the void a nice Mythos feel.

I also changed the Kolob empire's leader from the Prophet to a God-King.  This way to eliminate any view of me singling out a particular religion. Plus God King has a more fantasy feel to it, and makes the Kolob Empire a bit more fanaticism.

All right so there you go.  Thanks for all your support.

Here is a link to the updated document.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Some changes to Anibus

Hi everybody

Since i posted my basic setting info for my Anibus setting there have been a few things that have not been sitting well.  In fact it has been enough that i cant figure out an adventure to make a one sheet.  There have been some crucial issues that have made the setting feel very flat and boring to me.

The role the players will take in Anibus were very and mundane to me.  Player characters are supposed to be dynamic.  They do things that the average person would only dream of doing.  As i had written everything the players were really nothing special.  Traveling between realities was just an everyday thing with no inherent danger or excitement. It needed to be something memorable and not just like walking to the corner store for a pack of smokes.  It wasn't until yesterday when i was listening to Veiled Fury Entertainment's actual play video of Shadowrun.  I love the idea of the PCs in anibus being hired go to folk.  They are the ones brave enough to risk going into new realities and brave the risks of crossing through the walls of reality.  Some one needs a rare item found and retrieved; you need some one found or eliminated and they are hiding in an unknown reality; need some spying done; Look no further hire this rag tag group of awakened reality hoppers.

Once I had this awareness it helped me realize how unhappy I was with describing realities and how travelling between them worked. I have decided to scrap the number rating. It felt very unique savage worlds to me.  I have kept the low , medium, and high magic idea.

Now traveling between realities requires find any weak spot in the fabric of reality. Then make a Spirit check. A high magic reality has a target number of 4. A medium magic has a target number 6. A low magic reality has a target number 8.  One member of the group initiates the opening of the portal. The person initiating  must have an item attuned to the destination reality. Ill get to this step in a moment. All the other party members may assist. Then the chosen player makes the roll.  If they reach the target number is reached it takes three rounds before the group can travel to the destination. Each raise reduces the amount of rounds by one. If 4 raise are attained travelling can happen on the same turn the spirit check is made. 

If the target number is not reached the group still travels in three rounds. Unfortunately the party is all shaken upon arrival at the new reality. Their souls were not properly shielded against the Ether sea.

  On a critical failure once again they still travel but something has gone very wrong.  Either they end up in a completely different reality. Soul shielding does not occur and the characters are completely aware of their beings moving along the cord and being exposed to the ether sea. Which means they arrive incapacitated due to exhaustion. They could attract the attention of Ether wraiths, these are the agents of oblivion bent on destroying all realities. Pretty much GMS feel free to throw some sort of nastiness at the players to ensure they know it's not safe travelling between realities.

What is happening in the game is the character is reaching out his consciousness, across the Ether Sea and forging a connection between realities.  If some one were in the Ether sea watching this happen they would see a shimmering strand shooting out of the orbs surface and shoot out until it connects with another orb.

It takes a few moments for the initiator to establish the connection and ensure the souls of his fellow travelers are properly shielded. The human mind has a severe reaction to witnessing the ether sea. It is a place where time and space have no meaning. Even the mind of a person awakened to the greater truth still tries to comprehend the impossibility of the ether sea. It is an impossible act, and if tried to hard insanity or worse happens.

When everything goes right the players are encapsulated in a protective sheild that speeds along the cord, looking like a drop of water clinging to a spider web, until it reaches a weak spot in the new reality.

Earlier I mentioned an item attuned to the destination reality being required to establish a connection.   This item is an inorganic object from a reality that has been properly infussed with the essence of it home reality.  This is done by anyone with an arcane background.  The process requires being in a reality and having an item in hand. Then make a dramatic task. The roll required is the associated spellcasting check. The character must get five success in five rolls. Success means the item is properly keyed to its reality. A failure simply means the process doesn't work. If no success are attained then the item shatters and the Process must be tried again on a new item.

This opens up many story avenues. The characters need to get to a reality but don't have a key. Well visit a black market, or a someone who deals in the selling g of keys. Maybe they have to do a job to pay for it. They can barter with another key they own, or trade a "magic" item they have found on their journeys. Maybe they receive a mysterious package that includes and item with a note that says meet me here.

I picture an experienced traveller having a backpack filled with, to the unawakened eye, a bunch of random junk.  When I  reality this back pack is filled with items allowing access to various realities and many adventures.

Now a matter of names. I had said previously I hated the name Touched to describe characters with the super powers AB. They are now called Savants.  This means the AB: Super powers is renamed AB: Savant. Also I had called all characters with an arcane back ground shapers and characters with the AB: Magic mages. The more I thought about it I didn't like the impression it gave.  All characters with an arcane background are called Awakened, or enlightened.  And the AB: Magic back ground is now. AB: Shaping. And the associated skill is called Shaping as well.  This way it frees up the trappings of AB: Shaping to be a weilder of holy power, psionocs, shamanism, or straight up magic. All of these characters are able to Shape reality with their consciousness and tap into the power of their souls.

Well that was quite a bit of information.  I am going to work on getting a Google Doc made up. This will Include all the information I have posted so far. Properly edited to Include this post.

Well I hope you enjoyed today's installment.
Today's blog was brought to you by heavy doses of Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth.

I hope you have a great day and you let you imagination get away from you a bit.