Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A new take on Reality

Today I thought about what type of realities would I like to include in Anibus.   I just finished some examples of what goes on in my head when I think about exciting realities to tell stories in.

I gave an example for what our earth would be like in Anibus. There is an alternate Earth.  It is a flat Earth that has void wraiths infesting the underside of the planet.

I rewrote the description for Toren.

I added Wellsfar. Its a combination of samurai movies and westerns. So cowboy samurai. hell yeah!

I added the mutant wastes.  It is a post apocalypse waste land where humans were mutated by a green rain, and animals became evolved and took over the world.

Finally i added Eldron.  It has elves that were over thrown by their human slaves.  Now elves are ugly decrepit, homeless creatures looking for their next hit of etheric energy.

I am still trying to figure out how i want to go about making a series of charts for  a random reality generator.  That will take a bit more brainstorming, or me realizing i am making the process to damn hard.  One or the other.

Once again the link

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I have a cover for Anibus!!!

I get out of work last night and I check my phone. Awaiting me I have a message containing pure awesomeness.

Manuel Sambs sent me a cover he made for Anibus.... just because.... I'm still floored, and beyond grateful.
First thing this morning I included it in my document.

Here is the link again so you can check it out in all its awesomeness

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Some Anibus revisions

After I posted the .doc file for Anibus. I rethought some things and Manuel Sambs, from the G+ Savage Worlds community, was very helpful in some advice and critiques.

I rethought having all player characters start with an arcane back ground. Instead they start with a new edge called Awakened.  This allows characters to be aware of the Greater reality of Anibus, and have a reduce effect of Detect arcana. Plus the ability to Travel.  Arcane Backgrounds now must be taken as normal.

I figured not everyone may want to be a magic user, but they still need to be part of the society and culture that is aware of the Ethereal Sea.

I also added the AB alchemy as an option. Mostly because I keep kicking the idea around as a plot hook of the players being hired to gather certain items so an NPC can make a potion of some sort.

I removed some redundant comments of difficulty in Travelling Dramatic tasks.

I add some greater variety in the Void wraiths. They can now manifest as any demon from the horror companion.  Plus I unrestricted Holy Warrior, and champion edges. So now you can play a Void Wraith hunter.  I also put in the Dark Gods from the horror companion, as the leaders of the Void Wraiths. To give the void a nice Mythos feel.

I also changed the Kolob empire's leader from the Prophet to a God-King.  This way to eliminate any view of me singling out a particular religion. Plus God King has a more fantasy feel to it, and makes the Kolob Empire a bit more fanaticism.

All right so there you go.  Thanks for all your support.

Here is a link to the updated document.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Some changes to Anibus

Hi everybody

Since i posted my basic setting info for my Anibus setting there have been a few things that have not been sitting well.  In fact it has been enough that i cant figure out an adventure to make a one sheet.  There have been some crucial issues that have made the setting feel very flat and boring to me.

The role the players will take in Anibus were very and mundane to me.  Player characters are supposed to be dynamic.  They do things that the average person would only dream of doing.  As i had written everything the players were really nothing special.  Traveling between realities was just an everyday thing with no inherent danger or excitement. It needed to be something memorable and not just like walking to the corner store for a pack of smokes.  It wasn't until yesterday when i was listening to Veiled Fury Entertainment's actual play video of Shadowrun.  I love the idea of the PCs in anibus being hired go to folk.  They are the ones brave enough to risk going into new realities and brave the risks of crossing through the walls of reality.  Some one needs a rare item found and retrieved; you need some one found or eliminated and they are hiding in an unknown reality; need some spying done; Look no further hire this rag tag group of awakened reality hoppers.

Once I had this awareness it helped me realize how unhappy I was with describing realities and how travelling between them worked. I have decided to scrap the number rating. It felt very unique savage worlds to me.  I have kept the low , medium, and high magic idea.

Now traveling between realities requires find any weak spot in the fabric of reality. Then make a Spirit check. A high magic reality has a target number of 4. A medium magic has a target number 6. A low magic reality has a target number 8.  One member of the group initiates the opening of the portal. The person initiating  must have an item attuned to the destination reality. Ill get to this step in a moment. All the other party members may assist. Then the chosen player makes the roll.  If they reach the target number is reached it takes three rounds before the group can travel to the destination. Each raise reduces the amount of rounds by one. If 4 raise are attained travelling can happen on the same turn the spirit check is made. 

If the target number is not reached the group still travels in three rounds. Unfortunately the party is all shaken upon arrival at the new reality. Their souls were not properly shielded against the Ether sea.

  On a critical failure once again they still travel but something has gone very wrong.  Either they end up in a completely different reality. Soul shielding does not occur and the characters are completely aware of their beings moving along the cord and being exposed to the ether sea. Which means they arrive incapacitated due to exhaustion. They could attract the attention of Ether wraiths, these are the agents of oblivion bent on destroying all realities. Pretty much GMS feel free to throw some sort of nastiness at the players to ensure they know it's not safe travelling between realities.

What is happening in the game is the character is reaching out his consciousness, across the Ether Sea and forging a connection between realities.  If some one were in the Ether sea watching this happen they would see a shimmering strand shooting out of the orbs surface and shoot out until it connects with another orb.

It takes a few moments for the initiator to establish the connection and ensure the souls of his fellow travelers are properly shielded. The human mind has a severe reaction to witnessing the ether sea. It is a place where time and space have no meaning. Even the mind of a person awakened to the greater truth still tries to comprehend the impossibility of the ether sea. It is an impossible act, and if tried to hard insanity or worse happens.

When everything goes right the players are encapsulated in a protective sheild that speeds along the cord, looking like a drop of water clinging to a spider web, until it reaches a weak spot in the new reality.

Earlier I mentioned an item attuned to the destination reality being required to establish a connection.   This item is an inorganic object from a reality that has been properly infussed with the essence of it home reality.  This is done by anyone with an arcane background.  The process requires being in a reality and having an item in hand. Then make a dramatic task. The roll required is the associated spellcasting check. The character must get five success in five rolls. Success means the item is properly keyed to its reality. A failure simply means the process doesn't work. If no success are attained then the item shatters and the Process must be tried again on a new item.

This opens up many story avenues. The characters need to get to a reality but don't have a key. Well visit a black market, or a someone who deals in the selling g of keys. Maybe they have to do a job to pay for it. They can barter with another key they own, or trade a "magic" item they have found on their journeys. Maybe they receive a mysterious package that includes and item with a note that says meet me here.

I picture an experienced traveller having a backpack filled with, to the unawakened eye, a bunch of random junk.  When I  reality this back pack is filled with items allowing access to various realities and many adventures.

Now a matter of names. I had said previously I hated the name Touched to describe characters with the super powers AB. They are now called Savants.  This means the AB: Super powers is renamed AB: Savant. Also I had called all characters with an arcane back ground shapers and characters with the AB: Magic mages. The more I thought about it I didn't like the impression it gave.  All characters with an arcane background are called Awakened, or enlightened.  And the AB: Magic back ground is now. AB: Shaping. And the associated skill is called Shaping as well.  This way it frees up the trappings of AB: Shaping to be a weilder of holy power, psionocs, shamanism, or straight up magic. All of these characters are able to Shape reality with their consciousness and tap into the power of their souls.

Well that was quite a bit of information.  I am going to work on getting a Google Doc made up. This will Include all the information I have posted so far. Properly edited to Include this post.

Well I hope you enjoyed today's installment.
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I hope you have a great day and you let you imagination get away from you a bit.

The basics of my new setting Anibus.

This has been a setting that has been kicking around and evolving in my head for a while.  I have finally gotten up the proper amount of inspiration and gumption to start writing it down to share.
Anibus is a setting of infinite realities.  The universe consists of a massive nebula like cloud, called an ether sea.  The ether sea the setting takes place in is named  Anibus. Floating in Anibus are countless luminous orbs ranging from the size of a room to an entire world.  Contained in each orb is a self sustaining and unique reality.  Almost all realities are completely unaware that they are part of this giant network floating in a sea of etheric energy.  There are individuals in each reality that do know.  They have awakened their souls to the mysteries of Anibus.  In that awakening they have learned that all things are created of the ether. As a reward they can shape the structure of reality to their will.  There are many names for what these shapers of reality do.  The shapers of Earth call it magic.  In addition to casting spells, Shapers are able to sense the connections between realities.  With a little mental effort they are able to travel from one reality to another.
Well there was the elevator pitch.  I hope it was on key.  I know i know that pun was bad and out of line.  I am a dad i can't help it some times.
As you probably assumed the players will take on the role of Shapers.  i will work on some archetypes and get those posted later.  As for now character creation is pretty standard.  Create a human as per normal Savage Worlds rules.  In addition each player gains an arcane background.  The Arcane Backgrounds they can choose from are Magic, Weird Science (in this setting called Artifice), and Super Powers ( in this setting called Touched).
All powers in the core book and the fantasy companion are available to a shaper. If a player wants a power from another savage worlds book just run it by the GM if they want it included in their game.
Pretty much all three are used as written in the Savage Worlds Deluxe book. 
Artifice is not just related to newfangled science items.  It is more the act of imbuing items with magical power for you to release at your whim.  You could have a techomancer, a clockwork mage, an enchanter for example. Everything else is the same as written.  I also highly recommend using the edges from Slipstream to enhance the awesomeness of your artificer.  A note on the gadgeteer and its ilk edges.  These edges all require the AB: Artifice.
The Touched AB, represents characters that have an inherent connection to magic.  They may have been born with this ability due to some mystical portent on the day of their birth.  They were subjected a burst of magical energy and it left its mark on their soul.  They alo could have just one day woke up and went, "Look what I can do."  Touched works just as the AB: Super powers edge.
The AB: Magic is the only edge with some changes.  The major change is in regards to the backlash.  Mages out of all three Shapers that have those most direct affect on reality.  This direct conscious control has its cost.  Use the magic backlash rules as written.  In addition to that rule on a critical failure, a one on the wild and spell casting die then consult this list.
Clubs:   The Shaper some how caused a massive uncontrolled surge in etheric energy.  There is an explosion of energy in a large burst centered on the mage causing 2d6 damage
Spades: The mage and all his allies in a large burst template are shaken, which can cause a wound.
Diamonds:  The mage is able to control the surge of etheric energy, barely The Mage is shaken, which can cause a wound, but in order to keep the spell under control the mage must spend an extra power point for each rank of the spell novice is one and legendary is 5.  If the mage does not the required amount of power points treat this as if they drew a Spade.
Hearts:  The mage has channeled the influx of energy successfully.  The spell is cast as a success and a raise, but is shaken and takes 2d6 damage after the spell is cast.
Some setting rules from SWD
Joker's wild.  When a joker is drawn reality has favored the party.  Describe some sort of omen or surge or power.
Multiple languages
Critical Failures. This setting rule only applies to trait rolls involving spell casting.
Portals and traveling between reality.
All realities and everything in them are formed of condensed etheric reality.  The thickness of the shell of each reality varies. Some are thinner others thick. Each reality had a rating from 1 to 12. 1 is the thinnest and 12 the thickest.  The thickness of a reality determines how connected with the etheric sea it is.
1-4 magic is very present in the day to day lives of its inhabitants.
5-8 magic is rumored to exist and some people beleive it while others do not. Inhabitants that witness magic may rationalized it had a freak occur ancestors and deny it's exsistance. Others will belive what they saw and embrace it. Some may become afraid and either run or attack the mage. Earth falls with in this level.
9-12 magic is a rarity and is almost always treated negatively.
Now what do those numbers actually mean.
There are spots in the shell of reality where it thins. At these thin parts a portal to another reality appears. There are many theories what links two realities together no one knows exactly.
Portals are invisible at almost all times. During a specific time or situation the portal will become visible and open to all people. There are many stories of some stumbling into a portal and entering an alien world.
To a Shaper all portals are accessible at all times. If a Shaper passes a portal they can feel it's presence. On a successful spirit check the portal becomes visible. The Shaper then spends a power points equal to the highest realities thickness rating. More than one shaper may spend power points to open the portal.  The portal stays open roughly a minute or two.
The thickness also affects a Shapers ability to regain power points.
Ratings 1-4 Shapers effectively have rapid recharge. If they already have that edge then bump it up to improved rapid recharge. If they have that then they gain 2 power points every 15 minutes.
Ratings 5-8 it is treated as normal.
Ratings 9-12 they regain a power point every two hours.
I belive that will be everything for now. It's just a good base to start with.  Now I just have to work on a one sheet and some archetypes. Give me a couple days and I'll post it. I hope you enjoy.

“This game references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at Savage Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.”

Friday, March 3, 2017

Some archetypes

Well I am up way earlier this morning than I wanted to be.  I decided to take advantage of the free time and make up some archetypes for all you fantastic folks.

A couple preemptive notes.  Yesterday i forgot to mention what to do about all those fantastic edges that require AB: Miracles.  I looked over them this morning and the only one that really seems to fit is the Adept Edge.  I mean magical warrior monks come on.  It would be a shame to leave that concept out.  Just change the requirement of faith to spell casting

Holy warrior, champion, knight and the such really don't fit the setting.  Anibus does not focus on the Good Evil dichotomy.  Now there are folks that do horribly evil things.  There are mages that feel their magic is powered by a benevolent greater deity.  There is just way to much moral grey area to be able to pinpoint a specific entity as evil enough to deserve the holy smite of righteousness. On that note this is a game of multiple reality.  The players could stumble upon a world that is controlled by a very obvious, and claims to be evil.  So in those worlds kill a bunch of evil baddies and relish in their demise, but i wouldn't want you to waste an edge to only use it for one story arc and then it does you no good.

Well I have said my peace on that.  Now on to the the show.....

This group of Shapers have formed their own small magical cabal. They named themselves the Strangers.

Edmund Kass

Edmund is an Artificer who focuses on enchanting gems and crystals. Edmund has been involved in magic most of his life. He apprenticed with an experienced Artificer in his early teens.  He left his home and earth to study in a magic rich reality named Eldron.  Early in his education one of his enchantments went horrible wrong and exploded leaving him scarred, maimed, and deaf in one ear.  He has only recently returned to Earth to touch base with family before he sets of to explore the multitude of Realities.


Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6.
Skills:  Artifice (Weird Science) d10, shooting d8, Notice d4, Knowledge (Occult) d8,Knowledge (jewelry crafting)* d8.
Cha: -2, Pace: 4, Parry: 4, Toughness:5
Hindrances: Lame, Ugly, Hard of Hearing (Minor)
Edges: AB: Artifice, New Power, Talisman Craftsman**
Language: English, High Eldronish, Low Eldronish, Latin, Hebrew
Powers: Bolt (stored in a crystal topping his cane) , Ensnare (stored in a amulet)
Power Points: 10
Gear: a cane topped with a crystal, An amulet, A small collection of crystals and jewelry items.
* i couldn't think of anything to call this knowledge
** From the Horror Companion

Li Jun

Li Jun was raised in a Shaolin Monastery.  During his daily meditation he reached enlightenment and awoke to the greater truth of what is reality.  He was then moved to a new monastery deep within the wilderness of China.  Here he developed his magical skills until he reached a greater skill and was deemed worthy to travel between realities, to seek an even greater level of understanding and enlightenment.


Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d4, Strength d6, Vigor d6.
Skills:  Spell-casting d8, Fighting d10, Notice d4, Stealth d4, Healing d8
Cha: -2, Pace: 6, Parry: 7, Toughness:5
Hindrances: Code of Honor, Poverty, Outsider
Edges: AB: Magic, Martial Artist, Adept (Smite), Two Fisted
Language: English, Chinese, Two more Languages
Powers: Smite, Armor, Boost/Lower Trait
Power Points: 10
Gear: clothes on his back

Gloria Johnston

Gloria was always very skilled at understanding people.  She just seemed to know what they were thinking.  During a troubled period in her life she turned this gift into a way to manipulate people into getting what she wanted and needed from them.  After she manifested her magical abilities she joined a small coven of psychics and clairvoyants. She found that she was quite skilled in magic.  With her quickly growing skill her delusions of grandeur increased. She attempted to use her powers to dominate the coven and place them under her control.  Her coup failed.  For her transgression she was placed in a small isolated reality where she was forced to confront the darkest parts of herself.  After a month in this personal hell she was released back to Earth and kicked out of her coven.  Her time of forced self reflection has broken her in many ways, yet she knows it has given her opportunities to grow and become stronger.  She just hasn't decided what that means yet.


Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d8, Spirit d10, Strength d4, Vigor d4.
Skills:  Spell-casting d10, Persuasion d10, Intimidation d8, Streetwise d6, Taunt d8
Cha: +2, Pace: 6, Parry: 4, Toughness:4
Hindrances: Overconfident, Phobia (minor, darkness), Vengeful (Minor)
Edges: AB: Magic, Magically Gifted*, Charismatic,
Language: English, Spanish, three others
Powers: Bolt, Mind Reading, Telepathy**, Puppet
Power Points: 10

* hey it's a new Edge.
Magically Gifted
Background Edge
Requirements:Novice, AB: Magic or AB: Artificer, Spellcasting or Artifice skill d8+ .
You are incredibly gifted at Magic. You are leaps and bounds ahead of your peers in regard to power and understanding of magic.  When you take this edge you gain a new power.  This power can be chose from either seasoned or Veteran ranked powers. This edge can only be taken once

** this is from Slipstream.  If you don't have Slipstream i recommend you do its a great setting.  If you still don't want to get it just chose another power that fits the mentalist psychic vibe.

Serena Carpenter

Serena was born with the ability to speak with animals.  She was always more comfortable surrounded with her animal friends and in the woods behind her house.  She spent much of her teenage years in and out of psychiatric institutions for her inability to bond with others.  She eventually ran away from her parents and society.  She spent many years living in wilderness.  During this time she encountered a wandering mage who insisted she want crazy.  She was just living in a world and society that would never understand her.  She has become more comfortable living in cities, but her soul is always yearning to be among the trees and its animal inhabitants.


Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d8.
Skills:  Shapeshifting d8, Beastfriend d8, Survival d8, Tracking d4, Fighting d8
Cha: -2, Pace: 6, Parry: 6, Toughness:6
Hindrances: Curious, Outsider, Quirk
Edges: AB: Touched, New Power, Beastbond
Language: English
Powers: Shapeshifting, Beast Friend
Power Points: 20

Now that I am at the end of day and I have been working on these off and on all day I realize that making unique and interesting archetypes is much harder than i thought it would be.  You may have noticed the lack of gear on each of these characters.  I would say that i left them blank so players could choose what neat stuff they wanted, but that would be a lie.  It came down to i really didn't want to.  It was enough to think of what powers and abilities to give each one.

Well i hope these archetypes strike you as interesting.  If you notice any mathematical, or rule based flaws please let me know.

Next i venture into the world of One Sheets.  This is something i have never attempted before.  The story i have in mind should be interesting.  It involves deplorable and down trodden elves who are junkies looking for a quick bump of magic.

Well good night everyone.