Friday, March 3, 2017

Some archetypes

Well I am up way earlier this morning than I wanted to be.  I decided to take advantage of the free time and make up some archetypes for all you fantastic folks.

A couple preemptive notes.  Yesterday i forgot to mention what to do about all those fantastic edges that require AB: Miracles.  I looked over them this morning and the only one that really seems to fit is the Adept Edge.  I mean magical warrior monks come on.  It would be a shame to leave that concept out.  Just change the requirement of faith to spell casting

Holy warrior, champion, knight and the such really don't fit the setting.  Anibus does not focus on the Good Evil dichotomy.  Now there are folks that do horribly evil things.  There are mages that feel their magic is powered by a benevolent greater deity.  There is just way to much moral grey area to be able to pinpoint a specific entity as evil enough to deserve the holy smite of righteousness. On that note this is a game of multiple reality.  The players could stumble upon a world that is controlled by a very obvious, and claims to be evil.  So in those worlds kill a bunch of evil baddies and relish in their demise, but i wouldn't want you to waste an edge to only use it for one story arc and then it does you no good.

Well I have said my peace on that.  Now on to the the show.....

This group of Shapers have formed their own small magical cabal. They named themselves the Strangers.

Edmund Kass

Edmund is an Artificer who focuses on enchanting gems and crystals. Edmund has been involved in magic most of his life. He apprenticed with an experienced Artificer in his early teens.  He left his home and earth to study in a magic rich reality named Eldron.  Early in his education one of his enchantments went horrible wrong and exploded leaving him scarred, maimed, and deaf in one ear.  He has only recently returned to Earth to touch base with family before he sets of to explore the multitude of Realities.


Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6.
Skills:  Artifice (Weird Science) d10, shooting d8, Notice d4, Knowledge (Occult) d8,Knowledge (jewelry crafting)* d8.
Cha: -2, Pace: 4, Parry: 4, Toughness:5
Hindrances: Lame, Ugly, Hard of Hearing (Minor)
Edges: AB: Artifice, New Power, Talisman Craftsman**
Language: English, High Eldronish, Low Eldronish, Latin, Hebrew
Powers: Bolt (stored in a crystal topping his cane) , Ensnare (stored in a amulet)
Power Points: 10
Gear: a cane topped with a crystal, An amulet, A small collection of crystals and jewelry items.
* i couldn't think of anything to call this knowledge
** From the Horror Companion

Li Jun

Li Jun was raised in a Shaolin Monastery.  During his daily meditation he reached enlightenment and awoke to the greater truth of what is reality.  He was then moved to a new monastery deep within the wilderness of China.  Here he developed his magical skills until he reached a greater skill and was deemed worthy to travel between realities, to seek an even greater level of understanding and enlightenment.


Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d4, Strength d6, Vigor d6.
Skills:  Spell-casting d8, Fighting d10, Notice d4, Stealth d4, Healing d8
Cha: -2, Pace: 6, Parry: 7, Toughness:5
Hindrances: Code of Honor, Poverty, Outsider
Edges: AB: Magic, Martial Artist, Adept (Smite), Two Fisted
Language: English, Chinese, Two more Languages
Powers: Smite, Armor, Boost/Lower Trait
Power Points: 10
Gear: clothes on his back

Gloria Johnston

Gloria was always very skilled at understanding people.  She just seemed to know what they were thinking.  During a troubled period in her life she turned this gift into a way to manipulate people into getting what she wanted and needed from them.  After she manifested her magical abilities she joined a small coven of psychics and clairvoyants. She found that she was quite skilled in magic.  With her quickly growing skill her delusions of grandeur increased. She attempted to use her powers to dominate the coven and place them under her control.  Her coup failed.  For her transgression she was placed in a small isolated reality where she was forced to confront the darkest parts of herself.  After a month in this personal hell she was released back to Earth and kicked out of her coven.  Her time of forced self reflection has broken her in many ways, yet she knows it has given her opportunities to grow and become stronger.  She just hasn't decided what that means yet.


Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d8, Spirit d10, Strength d4, Vigor d4.
Skills:  Spell-casting d10, Persuasion d10, Intimidation d8, Streetwise d6, Taunt d8
Cha: +2, Pace: 6, Parry: 4, Toughness:4
Hindrances: Overconfident, Phobia (minor, darkness), Vengeful (Minor)
Edges: AB: Magic, Magically Gifted*, Charismatic,
Language: English, Spanish, three others
Powers: Bolt, Mind Reading, Telepathy**, Puppet
Power Points: 10

* hey it's a new Edge.
Magically Gifted
Background Edge
Requirements:Novice, AB: Magic or AB: Artificer, Spellcasting or Artifice skill d8+ .
You are incredibly gifted at Magic. You are leaps and bounds ahead of your peers in regard to power and understanding of magic.  When you take this edge you gain a new power.  This power can be chose from either seasoned or Veteran ranked powers. This edge can only be taken once

** this is from Slipstream.  If you don't have Slipstream i recommend you do its a great setting.  If you still don't want to get it just chose another power that fits the mentalist psychic vibe.

Serena Carpenter

Serena was born with the ability to speak with animals.  She was always more comfortable surrounded with her animal friends and in the woods behind her house.  She spent much of her teenage years in and out of psychiatric institutions for her inability to bond with others.  She eventually ran away from her parents and society.  She spent many years living in wilderness.  During this time she encountered a wandering mage who insisted she want crazy.  She was just living in a world and society that would never understand her.  She has become more comfortable living in cities, but her soul is always yearning to be among the trees and its animal inhabitants.


Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d8.
Skills:  Shapeshifting d8, Beastfriend d8, Survival d8, Tracking d4, Fighting d8
Cha: -2, Pace: 6, Parry: 6, Toughness:6
Hindrances: Curious, Outsider, Quirk
Edges: AB: Touched, New Power, Beastbond
Language: English
Powers: Shapeshifting, Beast Friend
Power Points: 20

Now that I am at the end of day and I have been working on these off and on all day I realize that making unique and interesting archetypes is much harder than i thought it would be.  You may have noticed the lack of gear on each of these characters.  I would say that i left them blank so players could choose what neat stuff they wanted, but that would be a lie.  It came down to i really didn't want to.  It was enough to think of what powers and abilities to give each one.

Well i hope these archetypes strike you as interesting.  If you notice any mathematical, or rule based flaws please let me know.

Next i venture into the world of One Sheets.  This is something i have never attempted before.  The story i have in mind should be interesting.  It involves deplorable and down trodden elves who are junkies looking for a quick bump of magic.

Well good night everyone. 

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