Sunday, October 15, 2017

when changes lead to the better

I had recently made a One Sheet Setting for Savage Worlds called Age of the Imaginals.  I am very excited to expand on this project and take it to the mini setting.

One of the first major changes I had to make was taking the super power companion elements out of the setting.  Which in turn has made it much stronger.

I was making a premade character and used the Street Fighter power level. It was way stronger than what I wanted to the setting to be. I pictured how fights would go and it was a bit to much. I wanted powers and intense combat but not four attacks around dropping a bunch of damage.
I then brainstormed on how to just use the Deluxe rules.
I started by using the racial abilities to make the mutations for the Imago. This will keep the power down and allow for a whole host of innate powers and abilities. Each Imago has two default negative racial modifiers, racial enemy and cyber resistant. The player then has 4 positive racial modifiers to create their unique character.

This also allowed the vision I had of not all Imago having powers.  The coolest part is i came up with a Arcane background that is Magic but trapped so Imago can consciously allow them to manipulate their Cellular structure to create super powers. These individuals have come known as Imaginals.
By definition of the word it means interference to the Imago. In the setting word it is based off of their ability to manipulated their Imaginal cells. Every Imago begins as a normal looking human child. As they mature they begin to have incredibly vivid dreams picturing them selves as their future Imago self. This is caused by the Imaginal cells laying dormant in their body. When they begin the chrysalis those cells begin to wake up and replace the previous human cell structure. Once they emerge they have become the being that they created in their childhood dreams.

I knew I wanted cybernetics and advanced technology to play a role in the setting. Mostly it was humanity's attempt to balance the field with the power of the Imagos. It ended up becoming an attempt for humanity to adapt to the new verdant world.  The final product is a group of scientists and corporations formed a group called the Promethean Project. They advanced technology greatly and gifted all the technology to the world. This included robotics, nano-tech, cold fusion.  When I dropped the power level I included the Arcane Background Weird Science as a way to represent the next stage in advanced technology.

Then I needed a Arcane background for humans to use as well. I absolutely love the idea of psionics.  So I had to include them. 
I came up with psionics have always existed but in a very limited capacity. With the millions of deaths caused by the plague it caused a massive accumulation of psychic energy in the world. This energy has become known as the Collective. Those with the psionic potential are able to draw energy from the Collective and manifest their will upon the world.  There is always a danger that they will fail drawing energy and cause a powerful backlash, wink wink, in the Collective harming those around them.  This has made them very untrusted and deemed as dangerous as the Imago by the human authorities.

Next I wanted a way to create full conversion cyborgs. Mostly because my son really wanted to play a robot, and it is a major part of cyberpunk, well in my opinion at least.
I ended up making a Mechanoid race. This sets them apart as more than a basic cyborg and different than a robot.  Mechanoids are people that have uploaded their consciousness/soul into a robotic frame.  Unlike a standard robot they use cyberware to modify themselves instead of the modification point system.

This has left the surviving members of the Human race in a tricky situation. Millions of their species are dead. The world has quickly become overgrown in plant life. Weird mutated animals roam the forests. Mutant humans are now a reality and almost as great as numbers as themselves. Powerful dangerous psions are among them. Then there are traitors to humanity that would rather become a glorified machine instead of staying a human and help the species survive.
The surviving governments and the newly formed city states rule viciously in an attempt to keep the humans safe. This safety has stolen away the rights and freedoms of many, but they are distracted with all the shiny baubles of fancy technology in their attempt to cope with the changes to their world.

I am finally satisfied with the base structure of this setting. I know this because my creative mind wanders are no longer focused on the races and history. They have now wandered into developing city states, adventures, and how these people interact with their world in this new Age.

 Below is a link to the current document

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Creating a Homebrew Supers Setting

One of my favorite parts of creating a story is the creation of the world.  What you come up with is a mash up of ideas that end up being a type of Frankenstein's monster. Bits and pieces here and there brought to a cohesive whole.

I am working on a setting to run for my kids. My imagination has been in overdrive fleshing out a world.  I know I wanted to use the Savage Worlds Supers Companion for a game.  I didn't want superheroes just empowered beings.  I really like Rifts and post apocalypse settings in general.  I wanted less desert atomic wasteland and more of a there just aren't a lot of people around any more.  Ruins of cities with verdant forests surrounding them.  City states and kingdoms as the main civilization centers. 

The players play mutant heroes  while the bulk of humanity fills the adversary, stole that from X-Men.  I love the idea of getting your powers by going through an actual chrysalis stage. When the character emerges from the cocoon they are transformed and now their true self, knicked that from the Inhumans and Agents of SHEILD.

Now how to destroy the world so I can rebuild it.  I am reading the 5th wave with my daughter.  I love the idea of a massive plague taking down the bulk of humanity.  The catalyst for the change is caused by an Eco-terrorist group that creates a super bacteria that wipes out humanity, stole that from 12 Monkeys.  Then I have to figure out a way to dispose of the bodies and create a planet over run by forests and wild life, watching the History channel show The Days after Humans helped fuel this.

Then Wikipedia and Google searches to learn more and research all the various ideas I have come up.  The best part is the stumbled across information that fills the gaps of ideas I was having hard time tying together.

Now I have the basic ideas for my desired setting.  Now I insert them all into the creative centers of my brain stir it, seal the lid and let the fermenting process begin. This is what I got after letting the process sit for a bit.

I think I'll call the setting Imaginals, or the Chrysalis Event. I don't know still hashing that one out

In the year 2018 Earth took a dramatic change.  A mysterious terrorist organization called the Green Corp created and released a super bacteria upon the world.  They believed that humanity had ruled for too long and abused Earth in their tyrannical reign.  The called the bacteria Gaia's Vengeance.  It caused the infected human's body to break down at a rapid rate.  With in weeks of infection the victims body would begin a rapid process of decay. Ultimately the entire body would end up as nothing more than a mass of nutrient rich matter.  The remains became an excellent fertilizer.  Plant life would be able to grow in a more stable environment, allowing and ensuring, the plants to retake the planet.

Two unforeseen situations came from the spread of Gaia's Vengeance.  There were actually humans that were resistant to the bacteria.  They watched as millions of their fellow humans dissolved.  With in a decade millions upon millions of humans perished.  A year after the last reported death the Chrysalis Event happened.  Thousands of humans began to fall into coma like states.  Their bodies exuded a thick liquid that hardened into a cocoon. After roughly a month of being in the cocoon they emerged. They were no longer human.  They emerged as a form of mutated human.  Some how the bacteria had interacted with the DNA of these humans and mutated and changed their entire genetic code. 

All were drastically physically transformed: Some looked like animals or insects; others had multiple or less limbs; other simply had different colored skin and maybe a horn or two.  All of the mutants had developed some sort of super human ability. The ability to change shape, psychic powers, create blasts of energy or matter, the list goes on and on.   

It has been one hundred years since the release of Gaia's Vengeance.  Those that have changed have called themselves the Imago, or the Imaginals as many of the younger generation call themselves.  The Imago race is a viable species. When an Imago child is born they appear as a perfectly normal human child.  At a point in their pubescent period they create their chrysalis and emerge a fully formed Imago.  It is possible, yet difficult, to determine if a child is human or an imago.  An Imago child has various Imaginal Cells throughout their bodies.  A blood and tissue screening can possibly determine the presence of Imaginal cells.  Many of the screenings provide a false negative in determining the presence of the Imaginal Cells leading parents and doctors to believe the child is a human.  It is guaranteed that two Imago parents will created an Imago child.  A human and Imago coupling still has a good chance.  There is still even a chance that two humans can create an Imago child.   Some human societies have made the mutant screening test mandatory for all newborns.  Some of them will give the child to Imago parents to raise. While others will exterminate the child.

The majority of Humans and Imagos live in agrarian or nomadic societies.  Those that do not flock to the larger cities.  Humans have made their cities centers of technology and advancement.  The larger cities have advanced technology.  Even going as far as creating robotics and cybernetics as a way to level the playing field with the inherent abilities of the Imagos.  There are many Imago established cities.  While some enjoy the fruits of technological advancement they do not have the same level of robotics and cybernetics.  The humans have made a point to keep those advancements to themselves.. Also Imagos are unable to sustain cybernetics.  Something about the physiology will always reject the implant.

 Some cities have been established that are quite tolerant of both species.  While some completely forbid the rival species from existing in their space.  As of yet there has never been a full scale aggression between Humans and Imagos. There have been many heated skirmishes and attacks, but never a war.  The majority of the Earths population simply wants to just exist, rebuild and survive in the wilds and ruins of Earth.

Now for the Setting Rules.

All the Setting Rules in the Supers Companion except for Death and Defeat and Finishing Moves.
Blood and Guts
Jokers Wild
Critical Failures

Character creation use Rising Stars rule. they start with 10 power points
The Power limit is set at 15 points per power. 
Other than that characters start as a normal human.

Super Karma has been modified

Each Imago has some sort of physical sign that they are an Imago.

Each Imago begins a modified version of the Distinctive Appearance Hindrance at either the minor or major level.  This hindrance is taken in addition to standard hindrances.

Both levels give the Imago a -4 charisma when interacting with humans.  At the minor level the Imago is able to conceal their appearance in some fashion.  At the major level the Imago is not able to conceal their appearance at all.

If a character takes the minor version they gain an additional 5 power points at character creation.  If the hindrance is taken at the major level they begin with 10 additional power points.  As per the Super Karma rule this does not increase the power limit for a power.

Disallowed powers
Super sorcery

Well that is all i really have to share about this setting for today.  I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions or comments feel free to let me know.

“This game references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at Savage Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.”

Friday, August 25, 2017

Saga of the Zombie Horde.

I am a big fan of Richard Woolcocks Saga of the Goblin Horde. Seriously if you haven't checked it out yet you need to.
I was thinking about the Meat Sheild setting rule he has in the setting.  It allows you to use one of your adjacent goblin henchmen to take a wound for you by spending a bennie.  It got me thinking what other settings it could be used for.

I ended up thinking how fun it would be to play a zombie Lord with your pack of zombies and terrorize a town of humans.

Here is what I came up with, after a day of musing and pondering.

Hella the Queen of the Underworld has decided it is time to conquer the world of the living. She has unleashed her army of ghosts and undead upon the living. She has given life to certain corpses to be the leaders of her army.  The players are these leaders.

Each player has a small squad of zombies to lead and destroy humanity.

Create characters following standard human character creation. Then give them the Harrowed edge (from the stone and a hard place players guide), ignoring the grit rating, and advance them to seasoned.  Instead of fighting an evil spirit for dominion over your character you are fighting the soul of your previous life. The players will struggle with being loyal to Hella or slowly becoming a good person wanting to save humanity.

Each player starts with 5 stock zombies, from the horror companion.

Setting rules are.
Blood and guts
Meat sheild (from saga of the goblin horde)
Raise the Dead.
- a player can spend a bennie to raise a corpse as a zombie minion, to a maximum of five.  The game begins with each player having five zombies.  The GM can also determine at the end of a story arc, or a logical time that the number of minions can be refreshed.

Well that's all for now. Thanks for reading my thoughts on a mini setting.  I would love to hear any ideas or thoughts you have about this.

Stone and a Hard place players guide

Saga of the Goblin Horde players guide

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Saga of the Rift Goblins

I am currently obsessed with Pinnacle Entertainments Rifts for Savage Worlds.  I never played the original Palladium Rifts, in fact I made a point of avoiding because of all the stories I heard about the gross imbalances in the game.  Thankfully i put those biases aside and looked into Savage Rifts and it has quickly became on of my favorite setting.  I love the fact that i can put anything into Rifts Earth and it adds to the gonzo nature of the setting.
    This adding anything gave me the idea of adding elements of one of other favorite settings for Savage Worlds, Richard Woolcock's Saga of the Goblin Hordes, to Rifts.  It is a hilariously twisted game where you play vicious goblin gang bosses that are fighting off human adventurers.  Its a great setting if you haven't check it out i highly recommend it. Plus, you will need it to make sense of the rest of this post.

I used five of my favorite goblin archetypes from Saga of the Goblin Horde and applied Rifts Iconic Frameworks.  Here is the link to the filled out character sheets of those goblins.

Here is a song by talented Harrison Hunt, of Tabletop Twats fame, to get you in the mood.

After I shared this blog post a fellow Rifts and Saga of the Goblin Horde acquaintance of mine, Patrick Greenlaw, wanted to join the fun. He created the Goblin Mystic, Mindmelter, and Wilderness Scout archetypes. Now there are eight nasty little goblin bosses to cause mayhem and mischief on Rifts Earth. Thanks again Patrick.

Plus I updated the Goblin Crazy.  Chainswords are my favorite Rifts melee weapons, but it bothered me that I had two characters wielding the Great chainsword. I recently discovered the Juicer chainsaw in the Palladium Juicer Uprising book. It was so cool I had to update it to Savage Rifts. I gave the Goblin Crazy the WI-C8 multipurpose. Because a goblin with a chainsaw with a freaking laser on it is just five levels of Awesome!

These Goblins are intended to either be used as characters for a player to use in a Rifts game, or as a GM to use in their game as NPCs.

For anyone that would like to use this gaggle of goblins here is some backstory for you to use and manipulate as you deem.

Our goblins are not originally from Rifts Earth.  They came from a planet where the various goblin clans have carved a niche for themselves on the edges of civilized lands.  They and their gangs of flunkies were playing one of their favorite games, Pigstickers.  This game consisted of them running through a human town and stabbing a long sharpened pole in the town's inhabitants and seeing how many they can fit on one pole.  The game was going quite well, lots of poking and screaming.  This all changed when a large glowing portal opened up in the middle of the town.  The humans ran into the portal in an attempt to make the game more exciting.  (That was quite nice of them).  Our goblins of course followed not wanting the game to end.

Sadly the fun came to a quick end, on the other side of the glowing portal was a group of humans wearing black metallic skeleton armor and large weapons that shot bolts of burning light.  These armored humans decided to protect the towns people and opened fire on the goblins.  The goblins barely survived.  They had to sacrifice their flunkies to the burning light blasts in order to escape.  After a time the skeleton armored humans left  in their large horseless wagons, taking the townspeople with them.  By this time the portal had vanished trapping our goblins in this new world.

Thankfully goblins are excel at three things killing humans, eating humans, and surviving so they can do more killing and eating of humans.  Surviving is just what our goblins did.  It took a while but their fortunes turned.  It began when Reggie Furtongue was able to steal a suit of NG-V61 Gunwolf armor.  Once he figured out how to control this giant metal beast he was able to lead his fellow goblins on a mission vengeance against the Coalition for ruining their game.

Big Chief Furtongue, as Reggie is now called, led his goblins into a the mercenary lifestyle calling themselves the Redfang Mercenary Company, in honor of their old clan.  They made frequent attacks against Coalition patrols and accepting jobs from various D-Bees willing and able to pay for their services.

The Redfangs established a fortress in the north eastern Ozarks called Gob-Town. Their fortress resides on the top of a forested hill. The walls of their fortress are composed  of reinforced salvaged metal sheets. The walls are decorated with trophies of their revenge against the Coalition.  Impaled coalition soldiers line the ground leading up to the fortress.  Suits of Dead Boy armor hang from the walls.  When the wind blows they create an eerie clanking sound.  On the front two corners of the fortress repurposed Coalition Spider walkers serve as weapon turrets.

Now that the Redfangs have a permanent base Big Chief Furtongue has wanted to recreate the glory of Clan Redfang.  Unfortunately the lack of goblins on Rifts Earth that are willing to be the subjugated flunkies has forced Big Chief Furtongue to seek alternative methods.  Big Chief Furtongue as enlisted his Techno-Wizard Krusty Snaggletooth to create goblins for him. 

After a series of experiments Krusty has perfected magically enhanced nano bots, powered by energy siphoned from the nearby ley line, that can reform human DNA to a more pure goblin DNA.  The procedure has been endearingly called, "Putting some goblin in ya."  The procedure has varied levels of sucess. One out of three times the procedure works and the human becomes a perfect hybrid of goblin and human. The new creation is a proper Flunky and has been had their brains reformed to ensure they are completely loyal to the Redfang bosses. Flunkies will give their life to protect their bosses with no question. Use the Soldier from the Foes of North America adding darkvision and the Major version of the Vow hindrance. 

The other two times the procedure does not work as well. The result is a Feral hybrid.  With animal intelligence and horribly deformed and twisted bodies the Feral are the prefect cannon fodder.  They are completely loyal, perfectly subservient, and almost seem to enjoy being slaughteres.  Use the Mindless Minion from the Foes of North America adding darkvision and the Major version of the Vow Hindrance.

Big Chief Furtongue has been satisfied with his new minions.  Sure they have the taint of human to them, but some times sacrifices must be made.  Big Chief Furtongue finds great satisfaction on mainly using captured coalition soldiers to create his minions.  That will teach them to ruin his fun.

Each of the goblin bosses are able to throw their minions in harms way.  Once per turn when a goblin boss receives a wound they can spend benny and transfer the damage to an adjacent minion.  when encountered out side of Gob-Town a goblin boss is usually accompanied by 1-2 flunkies and 3-4 Ferals.

The Tomorrow Legion has heard of the Redfangs and is still assessing their threat level.  Yes they are twisted and malevolent little creatures, but their focus on attacking coalition troops has been their saving grace.  They are not aware of the "Putting some goblin in ya" procedure.  If they were to ever find out it may change their opinion.

The Redfangs can be encountered in a few ways.  The players could come across the Redfangs as their are traveling off to their next job.  They are not known for traveling discretely. Their resident Crazy, Squiggle Mushroomhead, loves riding on top of the lead truck playing heavy metal riffs on his guitar piping the music through loud speakers.

If the players are confronting Coalition Forces the Redfangs could show up and help with the destruction and capturing of the surviving troops to take back to Gob-Town.

Well thanks for reading over this idea of mine.  I hope you enjoyed, and if you end up using any of this i would love to hear how it went.

Friday, April 21, 2017

A bit of fiction i am writing

“I hate it when i’m too late.”
Drake chided himself as he released his concentration on the glowing shaft of psychic energy emanating from his hand, causing it to fade away..

The flickering fluorescent lights in the dilapidated apartment entryway intensified the gore and carnage that lay at his feet.  The rent and bloody corpses of a young man and woman decorated the walls and floor in crimson.
    Drake kicked the artist of the couple demise. The massive waxy skinned monstrosity shuddered.  Drake reflexively crouched and blue fire like energy flared from his eyes as he prepared for the corpse to rise up.  The corpse returned to lying still.  Drake,now content the emanation was properly defeated, waited for it to dissolve back to the energy and emotion that it had composed itself of.  Drake watched as the thing dissipated, studying his foe.  Its naked warped body a despicable mockery of hatred and fear.  This being like all emanations that were born in the realm of Earth’s collected consciousness grew outside of physical reality, collectively known as the Anibus.  From Anibus, these entities born of thought watched the physical world and fed off of humanities emotions, until they grew strong enough to manifest a corporeal form. Then wreaked havoc on Earth treating humans as a never ending food source.  Reveling in the high of unfiltered direct sustenance from the source of all emotion.

“Hurry up you bastard. I really don't need to be caught in the middle of your mess.  I wish i hadn't been so distracted.  I would have felt you much sooner and may have been able to save at least one of these poor souls.”
    Within moments the emanation finally dissolved back to its state of pure mental energy, leaving no trace of its physical existence.  Except for the remains of its meal.
    Drake leaned over the couple's remains and solemnly whispered, “may your energy quickly travel to its place of rest. I am truly sorry could not have done more for you.”

    Drake turned towards the entrance of the gore splattered entryway.  He pulled the hood of his jacket over his head and walked into the night filled streets.  He walked into the alley that ran along the building.  He stopped halfway and closed his eyes.  He focused his consciousness on the center of his thoughts, until he reached a point of heightened clarity.  He then sent his soul out of his body and into the all enveloping realm of Anibus.  Existing in both worlds at once he raised both sets of his hands, the astral and the material, in front of his selves.  IN mirror like unison extended his arms outward.  In the wake of his hands a tear in the fabric of reality spread.  He stared at himself and welcomed his soul home.  Once again his full self he stepped through the rift and entered the Anibus. The glowing rift sealed itself shut behind Drake revealing no sign of his passage from Earth.

    From a rooftop a cross the street Agent Moore put down his camera.
“Damn it not another Traveller.  This will make my life so much more difficult.”  He sat down on the rooftop and reached into his backpack, and pulled out his laptop.  He connected his camera and began uploading his documentation of Drake’s fight with the emanation and his opening of the rift.  He clicked on an icon and opened a video feed.  The logo of the Office of Psionic Affairs filled the screen.  It was replaced with the tired face of an older gentleman in a tidy black suit and tie.
“Agent Moore what can I do for you. You are aware of the time, aren't you.”
“Thank you for answering Director Stoke, I know it's late.  I just uploaded photos of another Psion illegally using his abilities to the database.  I would not have normal called you, but this one is a Traveller.”

The look of frustration and fatigue faded from the Director’s face, replaced with intrigue and excitement.

“Were you able to get a picture of him traveling?”

Unable to hide the pride from his voice, “Yes Director I was.”

“Fantastic son.  You have done the O.P.A. proud.  Now go home and rest.  I will contact you when we have finished going through the photos and running this Psion through the system.”

“Thank you Director.”

The window closed on the laptop and Agent Moore packed up his belongings.  He stood on the roof top staring at the spot where he watched the rift appear.  He lit a cigarette and let his mind wander. Agent Moore smirked to himself as he fantasised about he could make this aberration of humanity pay for his crimes.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Time for a rework and a new take on bennies

I have been giving Anibus a major rework. The setting as I was approaching it was feeling very redundant and a bit boring to me. It was lacking quite a bit of soul.

I have decided to strip it down to core ideas and redress it.

Animus is now, for a lack of better words a PsiPunk setting.  It is set on a modern Earth after a massive psychic awakening. Humans began awakening to their psychic potential in mass. Which quite reasonably freaked out the masses quite a bit. The use of psionics has become illegal. All psions must register with the O.P.A., the Office of Psionic Affairs, well in the USA at least. After this all psions are monitored and must report their travels.

A side affect of the awakening of humanity, is the creation of a realm of collective thought and energy that encompasses earth. Think of it as Earth' s aura.  This realm has become known as the Anibus.  Closest to earth it is a mirror image. Buildings can be seen and so can blurred shadows of earth denizens.  In Anibus strong emotional energy created by humans spawns spirit like creatures called Emanations. Relations sit In Anibus and are drawn to the energy that created them. Then the feed on that energy growing in size and power.  Eventually emanations grow strong enough they can materlize on Earth and depending on there energetic makeup cause havoc.

Further from away from earth there are realms of collected dreams and stories.  This is where reality travelling ended up.

Mechanically I wanted to shake up how bennies are portrayed in the game.

Still working on a name but I want the usage of bennies to manifest in game. They represent a psions exerting their will on reality and rewriting it to their favor.  When a Benny is used it's effects manifest in the world. If used to reroll there could be a glitch in the matrix if you will. Reality seems to correct itself. A bullet that missed suddenly changes direction and hits it's target. For a basic example.  Soaking a wound either the wound is dealt and instantly heals, or the psions hardens their skin and the attack simply bounces off. It is up to the player to describe how their bennie usage is reflected.

I also wanted to add a temptation Bennie. I was inspired by Sean Patrick fannon's dark side bennie in his Star Wars setting.  Every player starts with an extra bennie called a madness bennie. This bennie represent a a psion being able to dip into the dark chaotic places of their mind. This madness bennie works like a normal bennie but provides a +2 to the roll it is used on.
When a madness bennie is used the player makes a spirit roll. The roll has a -1 for each madness bennie they possess. If the roll is failed one of their three starting bennies is replaced by a madness bennie. Plus the player rolls on the psychosis table in the horror companion. As long as they possess that new madness bennie they have the new psychosis. 
When the players have four madness bennies they have one more chance. If they would ever end up with a fifth psychosis and madness bennie they have become a Gnawed one and are irredeemable insane and become a NPC for the GM.

Well that is where I am at for now. Ill post more as I think of anything .

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A new take on Reality

Today I thought about what type of realities would I like to include in Anibus.   I just finished some examples of what goes on in my head when I think about exciting realities to tell stories in.

I gave an example for what our earth would be like in Anibus. There is an alternate Earth.  It is a flat Earth that has void wraiths infesting the underside of the planet.

I rewrote the description for Toren.

I added Wellsfar. Its a combination of samurai movies and westerns. So cowboy samurai. hell yeah!

I added the mutant wastes.  It is a post apocalypse waste land where humans were mutated by a green rain, and animals became evolved and took over the world.

Finally i added Eldron.  It has elves that were over thrown by their human slaves.  Now elves are ugly decrepit, homeless creatures looking for their next hit of etheric energy.

I am still trying to figure out how i want to go about making a series of charts for  a random reality generator.  That will take a bit more brainstorming, or me realizing i am making the process to damn hard.  One or the other.

Once again the link

Plus today's Blog was brought to by Anthrax.  The band not the powder.

I have a cover for Anibus!!!

I get out of work last night and I check my phone. Awaiting me I have a message containing pure awesomeness.

Manuel Sambs sent me a cover he made for Anibus.... just because.... I'm still floored, and beyond grateful.
First thing this morning I included it in my document.

Here is the link again so you can check it out in all its awesomeness

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Some Anibus revisions

After I posted the .doc file for Anibus. I rethought some things and Manuel Sambs, from the G+ Savage Worlds community, was very helpful in some advice and critiques.

I rethought having all player characters start with an arcane back ground. Instead they start with a new edge called Awakened.  This allows characters to be aware of the Greater reality of Anibus, and have a reduce effect of Detect arcana. Plus the ability to Travel.  Arcane Backgrounds now must be taken as normal.

I figured not everyone may want to be a magic user, but they still need to be part of the society and culture that is aware of the Ethereal Sea.

I also added the AB alchemy as an option. Mostly because I keep kicking the idea around as a plot hook of the players being hired to gather certain items so an NPC can make a potion of some sort.

I removed some redundant comments of difficulty in Travelling Dramatic tasks.

I add some greater variety in the Void wraiths. They can now manifest as any demon from the horror companion.  Plus I unrestricted Holy Warrior, and champion edges. So now you can play a Void Wraith hunter.  I also put in the Dark Gods from the horror companion, as the leaders of the Void Wraiths. To give the void a nice Mythos feel.

I also changed the Kolob empire's leader from the Prophet to a God-King.  This way to eliminate any view of me singling out a particular religion. Plus God King has a more fantasy feel to it, and makes the Kolob Empire a bit more fanaticism.

All right so there you go.  Thanks for all your support.

Here is a link to the updated document.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Some changes to Anibus

Hi everybody

Since i posted my basic setting info for my Anibus setting there have been a few things that have not been sitting well.  In fact it has been enough that i cant figure out an adventure to make a one sheet.  There have been some crucial issues that have made the setting feel very flat and boring to me.

The role the players will take in Anibus were very and mundane to me.  Player characters are supposed to be dynamic.  They do things that the average person would only dream of doing.  As i had written everything the players were really nothing special.  Traveling between realities was just an everyday thing with no inherent danger or excitement. It needed to be something memorable and not just like walking to the corner store for a pack of smokes.  It wasn't until yesterday when i was listening to Veiled Fury Entertainment's actual play video of Shadowrun.  I love the idea of the PCs in anibus being hired go to folk.  They are the ones brave enough to risk going into new realities and brave the risks of crossing through the walls of reality.  Some one needs a rare item found and retrieved; you need some one found or eliminated and they are hiding in an unknown reality; need some spying done; Look no further hire this rag tag group of awakened reality hoppers.

Once I had this awareness it helped me realize how unhappy I was with describing realities and how travelling between them worked. I have decided to scrap the number rating. It felt very unique savage worlds to me.  I have kept the low , medium, and high magic idea.

Now traveling between realities requires find any weak spot in the fabric of reality. Then make a Spirit check. A high magic reality has a target number of 4. A medium magic has a target number 6. A low magic reality has a target number 8.  One member of the group initiates the opening of the portal. The person initiating  must have an item attuned to the destination reality. Ill get to this step in a moment. All the other party members may assist. Then the chosen player makes the roll.  If they reach the target number is reached it takes three rounds before the group can travel to the destination. Each raise reduces the amount of rounds by one. If 4 raise are attained travelling can happen on the same turn the spirit check is made. 

If the target number is not reached the group still travels in three rounds. Unfortunately the party is all shaken upon arrival at the new reality. Their souls were not properly shielded against the Ether sea.

  On a critical failure once again they still travel but something has gone very wrong.  Either they end up in a completely different reality. Soul shielding does not occur and the characters are completely aware of their beings moving along the cord and being exposed to the ether sea. Which means they arrive incapacitated due to exhaustion. They could attract the attention of Ether wraiths, these are the agents of oblivion bent on destroying all realities. Pretty much GMS feel free to throw some sort of nastiness at the players to ensure they know it's not safe travelling between realities.

What is happening in the game is the character is reaching out his consciousness, across the Ether Sea and forging a connection between realities.  If some one were in the Ether sea watching this happen they would see a shimmering strand shooting out of the orbs surface and shoot out until it connects with another orb.

It takes a few moments for the initiator to establish the connection and ensure the souls of his fellow travelers are properly shielded. The human mind has a severe reaction to witnessing the ether sea. It is a place where time and space have no meaning. Even the mind of a person awakened to the greater truth still tries to comprehend the impossibility of the ether sea. It is an impossible act, and if tried to hard insanity or worse happens.

When everything goes right the players are encapsulated in a protective sheild that speeds along the cord, looking like a drop of water clinging to a spider web, until it reaches a weak spot in the new reality.

Earlier I mentioned an item attuned to the destination reality being required to establish a connection.   This item is an inorganic object from a reality that has been properly infussed with the essence of it home reality.  This is done by anyone with an arcane background.  The process requires being in a reality and having an item in hand. Then make a dramatic task. The roll required is the associated spellcasting check. The character must get five success in five rolls. Success means the item is properly keyed to its reality. A failure simply means the process doesn't work. If no success are attained then the item shatters and the Process must be tried again on a new item.

This opens up many story avenues. The characters need to get to a reality but don't have a key. Well visit a black market, or a someone who deals in the selling g of keys. Maybe they have to do a job to pay for it. They can barter with another key they own, or trade a "magic" item they have found on their journeys. Maybe they receive a mysterious package that includes and item with a note that says meet me here.

I picture an experienced traveller having a backpack filled with, to the unawakened eye, a bunch of random junk.  When I  reality this back pack is filled with items allowing access to various realities and many adventures.

Now a matter of names. I had said previously I hated the name Touched to describe characters with the super powers AB. They are now called Savants.  This means the AB: Super powers is renamed AB: Savant. Also I had called all characters with an arcane back ground shapers and characters with the AB: Magic mages. The more I thought about it I didn't like the impression it gave.  All characters with an arcane background are called Awakened, or enlightened.  And the AB: Magic back ground is now. AB: Shaping. And the associated skill is called Shaping as well.  This way it frees up the trappings of AB: Shaping to be a weilder of holy power, psionocs, shamanism, or straight up magic. All of these characters are able to Shape reality with their consciousness and tap into the power of their souls.

Well that was quite a bit of information.  I am going to work on getting a Google Doc made up. This will Include all the information I have posted so far. Properly edited to Include this post.

Well I hope you enjoyed today's installment.
Today's blog was brought to you by heavy doses of Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth.

I hope you have a great day and you let you imagination get away from you a bit.

The basics of my new setting Anibus.

This has been a setting that has been kicking around and evolving in my head for a while.  I have finally gotten up the proper amount of inspiration and gumption to start writing it down to share.
Anibus is a setting of infinite realities.  The universe consists of a massive nebula like cloud, called an ether sea.  The ether sea the setting takes place in is named  Anibus. Floating in Anibus are countless luminous orbs ranging from the size of a room to an entire world.  Contained in each orb is a self sustaining and unique reality.  Almost all realities are completely unaware that they are part of this giant network floating in a sea of etheric energy.  There are individuals in each reality that do know.  They have awakened their souls to the mysteries of Anibus.  In that awakening they have learned that all things are created of the ether. As a reward they can shape the structure of reality to their will.  There are many names for what these shapers of reality do.  The shapers of Earth call it magic.  In addition to casting spells, Shapers are able to sense the connections between realities.  With a little mental effort they are able to travel from one reality to another.
Well there was the elevator pitch.  I hope it was on key.  I know i know that pun was bad and out of line.  I am a dad i can't help it some times.
As you probably assumed the players will take on the role of Shapers.  i will work on some archetypes and get those posted later.  As for now character creation is pretty standard.  Create a human as per normal Savage Worlds rules.  In addition each player gains an arcane background.  The Arcane Backgrounds they can choose from are Magic, Weird Science (in this setting called Artifice), and Super Powers ( in this setting called Touched).
All powers in the core book and the fantasy companion are available to a shaper. If a player wants a power from another savage worlds book just run it by the GM if they want it included in their game.
Pretty much all three are used as written in the Savage Worlds Deluxe book. 
Artifice is not just related to newfangled science items.  It is more the act of imbuing items with magical power for you to release at your whim.  You could have a techomancer, a clockwork mage, an enchanter for example. Everything else is the same as written.  I also highly recommend using the edges from Slipstream to enhance the awesomeness of your artificer.  A note on the gadgeteer and its ilk edges.  These edges all require the AB: Artifice.
The Touched AB, represents characters that have an inherent connection to magic.  They may have been born with this ability due to some mystical portent on the day of their birth.  They were subjected a burst of magical energy and it left its mark on their soul.  They alo could have just one day woke up and went, "Look what I can do."  Touched works just as the AB: Super powers edge.
The AB: Magic is the only edge with some changes.  The major change is in regards to the backlash.  Mages out of all three Shapers that have those most direct affect on reality.  This direct conscious control has its cost.  Use the magic backlash rules as written.  In addition to that rule on a critical failure, a one on the wild and spell casting die then consult this list.
Clubs:   The Shaper some how caused a massive uncontrolled surge in etheric energy.  There is an explosion of energy in a large burst centered on the mage causing 2d6 damage
Spades: The mage and all his allies in a large burst template are shaken, which can cause a wound.
Diamonds:  The mage is able to control the surge of etheric energy, barely The Mage is shaken, which can cause a wound, but in order to keep the spell under control the mage must spend an extra power point for each rank of the spell novice is one and legendary is 5.  If the mage does not the required amount of power points treat this as if they drew a Spade.
Hearts:  The mage has channeled the influx of energy successfully.  The spell is cast as a success and a raise, but is shaken and takes 2d6 damage after the spell is cast.
Some setting rules from SWD
Joker's wild.  When a joker is drawn reality has favored the party.  Describe some sort of omen or surge or power.
Multiple languages
Critical Failures. This setting rule only applies to trait rolls involving spell casting.
Portals and traveling between reality.
All realities and everything in them are formed of condensed etheric reality.  The thickness of the shell of each reality varies. Some are thinner others thick. Each reality had a rating from 1 to 12. 1 is the thinnest and 12 the thickest.  The thickness of a reality determines how connected with the etheric sea it is.
1-4 magic is very present in the day to day lives of its inhabitants.
5-8 magic is rumored to exist and some people beleive it while others do not. Inhabitants that witness magic may rationalized it had a freak occur ancestors and deny it's exsistance. Others will belive what they saw and embrace it. Some may become afraid and either run or attack the mage. Earth falls with in this level.
9-12 magic is a rarity and is almost always treated negatively.
Now what do those numbers actually mean.
There are spots in the shell of reality where it thins. At these thin parts a portal to another reality appears. There are many theories what links two realities together no one knows exactly.
Portals are invisible at almost all times. During a specific time or situation the portal will become visible and open to all people. There are many stories of some stumbling into a portal and entering an alien world.
To a Shaper all portals are accessible at all times. If a Shaper passes a portal they can feel it's presence. On a successful spirit check the portal becomes visible. The Shaper then spends a power points equal to the highest realities thickness rating. More than one shaper may spend power points to open the portal.  The portal stays open roughly a minute or two.
The thickness also affects a Shapers ability to regain power points.
Ratings 1-4 Shapers effectively have rapid recharge. If they already have that edge then bump it up to improved rapid recharge. If they have that then they gain 2 power points every 15 minutes.
Ratings 5-8 it is treated as normal.
Ratings 9-12 they regain a power point every two hours.
I belive that will be everything for now. It's just a good base to start with.  Now I just have to work on a one sheet and some archetypes. Give me a couple days and I'll post it. I hope you enjoy.

“This game references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at Savage Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.”

Friday, March 3, 2017

Some archetypes

Well I am up way earlier this morning than I wanted to be.  I decided to take advantage of the free time and make up some archetypes for all you fantastic folks.

A couple preemptive notes.  Yesterday i forgot to mention what to do about all those fantastic edges that require AB: Miracles.  I looked over them this morning and the only one that really seems to fit is the Adept Edge.  I mean magical warrior monks come on.  It would be a shame to leave that concept out.  Just change the requirement of faith to spell casting

Holy warrior, champion, knight and the such really don't fit the setting.  Anibus does not focus on the Good Evil dichotomy.  Now there are folks that do horribly evil things.  There are mages that feel their magic is powered by a benevolent greater deity.  There is just way to much moral grey area to be able to pinpoint a specific entity as evil enough to deserve the holy smite of righteousness. On that note this is a game of multiple reality.  The players could stumble upon a world that is controlled by a very obvious, and claims to be evil.  So in those worlds kill a bunch of evil baddies and relish in their demise, but i wouldn't want you to waste an edge to only use it for one story arc and then it does you no good.

Well I have said my peace on that.  Now on to the the show.....

This group of Shapers have formed their own small magical cabal. They named themselves the Strangers.

Edmund Kass

Edmund is an Artificer who focuses on enchanting gems and crystals. Edmund has been involved in magic most of his life. He apprenticed with an experienced Artificer in his early teens.  He left his home and earth to study in a magic rich reality named Eldron.  Early in his education one of his enchantments went horrible wrong and exploded leaving him scarred, maimed, and deaf in one ear.  He has only recently returned to Earth to touch base with family before he sets of to explore the multitude of Realities.


Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6.
Skills:  Artifice (Weird Science) d10, shooting d8, Notice d4, Knowledge (Occult) d8,Knowledge (jewelry crafting)* d8.
Cha: -2, Pace: 4, Parry: 4, Toughness:5
Hindrances: Lame, Ugly, Hard of Hearing (Minor)
Edges: AB: Artifice, New Power, Talisman Craftsman**
Language: English, High Eldronish, Low Eldronish, Latin, Hebrew
Powers: Bolt (stored in a crystal topping his cane) , Ensnare (stored in a amulet)
Power Points: 10
Gear: a cane topped with a crystal, An amulet, A small collection of crystals and jewelry items.
* i couldn't think of anything to call this knowledge
** From the Horror Companion

Li Jun

Li Jun was raised in a Shaolin Monastery.  During his daily meditation he reached enlightenment and awoke to the greater truth of what is reality.  He was then moved to a new monastery deep within the wilderness of China.  Here he developed his magical skills until he reached a greater skill and was deemed worthy to travel between realities, to seek an even greater level of understanding and enlightenment.


Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d4, Strength d6, Vigor d6.
Skills:  Spell-casting d8, Fighting d10, Notice d4, Stealth d4, Healing d8
Cha: -2, Pace: 6, Parry: 7, Toughness:5
Hindrances: Code of Honor, Poverty, Outsider
Edges: AB: Magic, Martial Artist, Adept (Smite), Two Fisted
Language: English, Chinese, Two more Languages
Powers: Smite, Armor, Boost/Lower Trait
Power Points: 10
Gear: clothes on his back

Gloria Johnston

Gloria was always very skilled at understanding people.  She just seemed to know what they were thinking.  During a troubled period in her life she turned this gift into a way to manipulate people into getting what she wanted and needed from them.  After she manifested her magical abilities she joined a small coven of psychics and clairvoyants. She found that she was quite skilled in magic.  With her quickly growing skill her delusions of grandeur increased. She attempted to use her powers to dominate the coven and place them under her control.  Her coup failed.  For her transgression she was placed in a small isolated reality where she was forced to confront the darkest parts of herself.  After a month in this personal hell she was released back to Earth and kicked out of her coven.  Her time of forced self reflection has broken her in many ways, yet she knows it has given her opportunities to grow and become stronger.  She just hasn't decided what that means yet.


Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d8, Spirit d10, Strength d4, Vigor d4.
Skills:  Spell-casting d10, Persuasion d10, Intimidation d8, Streetwise d6, Taunt d8
Cha: +2, Pace: 6, Parry: 4, Toughness:4
Hindrances: Overconfident, Phobia (minor, darkness), Vengeful (Minor)
Edges: AB: Magic, Magically Gifted*, Charismatic,
Language: English, Spanish, three others
Powers: Bolt, Mind Reading, Telepathy**, Puppet
Power Points: 10

* hey it's a new Edge.
Magically Gifted
Background Edge
Requirements:Novice, AB: Magic or AB: Artificer, Spellcasting or Artifice skill d8+ .
You are incredibly gifted at Magic. You are leaps and bounds ahead of your peers in regard to power and understanding of magic.  When you take this edge you gain a new power.  This power can be chose from either seasoned or Veteran ranked powers. This edge can only be taken once

** this is from Slipstream.  If you don't have Slipstream i recommend you do its a great setting.  If you still don't want to get it just chose another power that fits the mentalist psychic vibe.

Serena Carpenter

Serena was born with the ability to speak with animals.  She was always more comfortable surrounded with her animal friends and in the woods behind her house.  She spent much of her teenage years in and out of psychiatric institutions for her inability to bond with others.  She eventually ran away from her parents and society.  She spent many years living in wilderness.  During this time she encountered a wandering mage who insisted she want crazy.  She was just living in a world and society that would never understand her.  She has become more comfortable living in cities, but her soul is always yearning to be among the trees and its animal inhabitants.


Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d8.
Skills:  Shapeshifting d8, Beastfriend d8, Survival d8, Tracking d4, Fighting d8
Cha: -2, Pace: 6, Parry: 6, Toughness:6
Hindrances: Curious, Outsider, Quirk
Edges: AB: Touched, New Power, Beastbond
Language: English
Powers: Shapeshifting, Beast Friend
Power Points: 20

Now that I am at the end of day and I have been working on these off and on all day I realize that making unique and interesting archetypes is much harder than i thought it would be.  You may have noticed the lack of gear on each of these characters.  I would say that i left them blank so players could choose what neat stuff they wanted, but that would be a lie.  It came down to i really didn't want to.  It was enough to think of what powers and abilities to give each one.

Well i hope these archetypes strike you as interesting.  If you notice any mathematical, or rule based flaws please let me know.

Next i venture into the world of One Sheets.  This is something i have never attempted before.  The story i have in mind should be interesting.  It involves deplorable and down trodden elves who are junkies looking for a quick bump of magic.

Well good night everyone. 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Just need someone to...fight

I will now focus a bit on baddies for the Kaiju to fight.  I am still figuring out the role the aliens play so that will come later. First it will be the forces of the ARC federation.

Both sides of this crazy war are still heavily dependent on the use of Mecha. 
The majority of all the mech used are of the heavy type. Oh yeah just use the science fiction complain walker rules. 

Both sides were working on pushing the envelope to develop super heavy category mech, before the aliens invaded. The Americans were the first to push the boundaries and provide super heavy mech for the ARC Federation.

After aliens and Kaiju entered the arena of war the ARC federation scrambled to keep up. They succeeded.  The Americans not only perfect the Super Heavy class mech. They have created the Titan class mech, metallic behemoths even larger that Kaiju.  These have been nicknamed the Kaiju Killer class.

The Russian and Chinese jointly worked on a way to combat the aliens that greatly affected both nations.

They made attempts at making super soldiers.  They succeed but at a great cost. They tinkered with the genetic makeup of their troops.  They inserted animal DNA, reworked existing human genes.  The results were heavily mutated troops.  Some of the mutations were unreliable but occasionally beneficial. With training and adapting the soldiers were able to harness their mutations. 
The greatest success happened with 3% of those affected by the gene treatments.  Oddly these 3% began excereating a thick oil from their skins that enveloped the soldier and then hardened into a type of chrysalis. After a month they emerged possessing super powers.  As with the others that underwent the gene treatments they were still physically mutated.

While at first the new mutant soldiers were viewed with fear by the masses of the ARC Federation.  That was until a team of super powered mutants successfully stopped an advancement of aliens. Then when that same team managed to take down a kaiju.
These mutants are now accepted and celebrated.

Crunchy bits.

So for mech use the science fiction companion for walkers. Rely on heavy and lower Mecha for the bulk of the troops. Super heavy are common but not the bulk of the army.  The Titan class are new and still quite rare. When one shows up the Kaiju know they are in for a fight.

For the mutants create using Just Insert Imagination's Mutation Deck. What you don't have it.... you need to fix that. It is an amazing product. Here is a link just buy it okay.

For the Super mutants create them using the super powers companion, using 45 power points.  Each mutant has the distinctive appearance hindrance with no benefit.  They can also take the alien form hindrance as their major hindrence.

So that should cover the ARC federations forces, well at least the basics.

Some tweeking

I ran a quick little battle to test some numbers on the kaiju. Just to test my worries of their Strength.  Which I was correct, way too tough. I used the Gar Tar kaiju and set him up against to assault mechs from the sci-fi companion.  He shredded them. Ripped through 80 points of shield each, the hit after the shield were gone, their only saving grace was to compartmentalized feature.  Gar-Tar did get shaken once and received one wound right at the end.
Now I want them to be powerhouses, that was the point. But I did not anticipate their sheer size affecting so much. My thoughts now are to bring them down to size 12.  This way the GM can bring in size 12 mech to have a equal sized combatant. These would be cutting edge ARC federation technology kaiju killers.
I am also going to adjust starting powers and point levels.  Excluding size I had the kaiju at 45 power points. This included armor, melee and ranged attacks baked in and them the extra 25 points.  I think I will removes the inherent armor, and attacks. And drop the total points to 30. Being gargantuan still gives them heavy armor and attacks automatically. This also gives the player a bit more control on their kaiju abilities. And keep them more in line with the power level of the world.

Here is the new and hopefully improved kaiju.

Kaiju racial stats

Strength and Vigor start at d8
Spirit and Smarts may never exceed d6
Kaiju have Animal Intelligence
Pace 30 (2d6)

Start with Arcane Background (Super powers) 30 power points.

Gargantuan: Kaiju start at size 12. This adds 12 to their toughness and twelve steps to their Strength ability. All of a kaiju attacks are Heavy Weapon attacks and they are considered to have heavy armor. A human sized combatant receives a +4 to attack rolls when attacking a Kaiju.

Kaiju have 3 wound levels

Retooled Gar-Tar


Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4 (A), Spirit d4, Strength d12+12, Vigor d10
Skills: Fighting d12+1, intimidation d10, Notice d6
Pace: 30 (2d6) Parry: 8 Toughness:25 (5)
Edges: AB (Super Powers)
Special Abilities:

Axe Hand: He has an axe for a hand!!!!! d12+12+4d6  Lethal, Focus, Multiple attack 
Armor: His thick fur and tough skin provide 5 armor
Super Edge: Berserk, Nerves of Steel
Extra Actions: 1 levels
Ensnare: Very strong. His luxurious and vicious beard lashes out and entangles an enemy.

Super Skill: To show his natural skill infighting with his axe hand 1 lvl

Gar-Tar is the first Canadian Kaiju created after the Japanese shared the Kaiju technology.  He is a massive being reminiscent of the legendary Bigfoot.  His chest is devoid of hair to show case is spectacular ripped abs and pecks.  His left hand is a gigantic axe made of super hardened bone.  Did i forget to mention is luxurious and vicious beard, well is luxurious and vicious.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Ahh the joys of insecurities

This happened much sooner than i anticipated.  My insecurities about allowing my written creations out into the world flared big time last night.  I went from very excited about the prospect of creating and sharing my  worlds, to this is utter nonsensical crap.  It started with that annoying little question, "is this too much."  My rational brain had the come back of, "You are making a world where giant genetically monsters are fighting robots and jellyfish aliens. come on keep going i like this idea"  Sadly i went to bed with thoughts of scrapping this project and the blog as a whole.

Thankfully i woke up with a fresh mind.  Also i checked facebook and the first post was from a Savage Associate of mine.  it said, "If you are ever worried about sharing an idea, remember some sitting around in a meeting said hey lets make a movie about a tornado full of sharks."  Damn straight someone did and that movie did incredibly well.  Now i have no excuses, damn it. 
SO now i am going to go with my plan of adding Mutants ranging from sadly mutated to the much celebrated super powered mutants as the special forces of the ARC Federation.

I also had a very good talk with my closest and dearest friend about this. She has always been very supportive and encouraging of me writing and creating.  I was lamenting about my worries if anyone actally reads this or will read this.  Would anyone actually want to play a game in the settings i am creating and want to create? She told me it is very obvious for where ever i am heading on my life path this blog is important.  It is the first steps to get me to where i am intended to be.  I need to continue to write it for me.  Continue to create for me. If anyone else reads and enjoys what i create then even better. 

I now unapologetically blaze forward with my weirdly gonzo mentally mutated creations and along the path ahead of me.  For those of you that have read this, i thank you. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The human bits

The Humany bits of the game.  The main reason i want players to make a Kaiju and a human is to add some sort of diversity to the setting and to game sessions.  Its like playing a mecha campaign, you have to get out of the robot sometimes.  I feel that if the players only had a Kaiju to control the game would be left to one shots or a couple of sessions.  Who knows it still very well end up that way, i hope not.  I am going to call the humans Kaiju Tamers at this moment in time because i still haven't found what i want to call them.

Kaiju Tamers

Kaiju tamers are handpicked from the various military forces composing the League of Nations.  Each candidate is tested to fit a very strict psychological and physiological standard.  Once they have been selected into the Kaiju program their first task is to help create their Kaiju.

The tamer enters a Link Tank.  These are large tanks, similar to a sensory deprivation tank.   This tanks are filled with a special neuroreceptive goo common called the "Soup".  The Tamer is completely submerged in the Soup.  It takes a few moments for the Tamer to adjust each time as they retrain their body to breath in the Soup.  Once they have acclimated the linking process begins.  The Tamer is put into a deep trance while they are instructed to think of their Kaiju.  The genetic engineers are able to monitor the subconscious projections of the tamer and create a suitable Kaiju.  This process is one of the first steps in creating the ability to link with a Kaiju.

The Kaiju are then grown rapidly and reach maturity in three months.  During this period the Tamers enter the Link Tanks once a week and mentally link with their Kaiju. To both ensure the bond is complete and to acclimate the Tamer to the Linking process.

Once the Kaiju reach maturity the the Tamer and their Kaiju  run through an intensive training programs.  The Tamer learns how to use the natural abilities and powers their Kaiju possess.  The Tamers are also required to care for their Kaiju when not linked, in attempt to further increase the bond between the two.

Kaiju are created with a type of emotional fail safe.  When not linked with a tamer they are in a greatly subdued state.  While not listless or unresponsive they are not prone to great amounts of activity.  They mostly sleep or roam around special created Kaiju Preserves.  Nor are they able to access their powers when not linked to their tamer.  This became standard after the first batch of Kaiju destroyed their preserve and escaped, causing havoc on the undisclosed island they were being kept.  When linked with their tamer the Kaiju "comes alive" if you will.  They are for more active and ready for action.  Many tamers have speculated that they are the physical embodiment of the Kaiju's Soul.  With out them the Kaiju is just a giant domesticated animal.  Even when not linked and they are in close proximity the Kaiju respond with a form of affection and liven up in their activity.

The Link.

In order to link with a kaiju a Tamer must enter into a link tank.  After about a minute the link is fully established.  The Kaiju and the Tamer have become of the same mind.  The Tamer is in effect the Kaiju.  While Kaiju are not able to communicate in a known language the Tamers in a squad are able to communicate with each other and HQ.  Each squad consists of 5 Kaiju.  At the headquarters each of the Tamers Link Tanks are connected which allows the Tamers to send messages to all the Other connected tanks.  These message are broadcast to the control room to monitor the squad activity.  The control room is able to see and hear everything each Kaiju is experiencing.  They also monitor all the vital signs of each Kaiju of the squad.

The broadcast signal between the Tamer in its tank and the Kaiju has a range of 1500 Km.  The Kaiju refuses to go past that range.  If any test have been done on the effect of Kaiju and tamer passed 1500 Km they are Top secret.

To end the link the Tamer simply focuses on severing the link and returning their consciousness to their body.  The process takes about a minute as well. once the connection is ended the tamer is exhausted.  Spending half an hour in the Link Tank all level of exhaustion are removed.

The Legion uses specialized drop ships to transport the Kaiju into the field.  One ship for each Kaiju.  A mobile Command center containing the squads is placed well behind enemy lines and highly fortified against attacks.  The tamer and Kaiju link before the Kaiju is dropped into combat.

The Crunchy bits
Well that was a lot more fluff than i anticipated when i sat down to write this up.

Each Player character is given the Kaiju Bond edge for free at creation.  This is addition to the usual edge they get.

Kaiju Link
Requirements: Novice
      This edge allows you to be able to Link with your Kaiju via a Link Tank.When merged your Smarts and Spirit traits replace the Kaiju's.  Any hindrances and edges you have are suppressed while you are merged with the Kaiju.  You take on all other Traits, Skills, and abilities of the Kaiju's.  If one of your skills are higher than a skill the Kaiju possesses you add a +1 to the roll as a successful cooperative roll.  You are able to spend bennies and roll your wild die while merged with the Kaiju.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Kaiju Kaos

Today i am bringing you character creation rules for Kaiju.  Also some modifications to the racial stats to bring them in line with the super powers rules.  so yeah you will need the 2nd edition Super Powers companion for this setting.

Kaiju racial stats

Strength and Vigor start at d8
Spirit and Smarts may never exceed d6
Kaiju have Animal Intelligence
Pace 30 (2d6)
Start with Arcane Background (Super powers)
Armor +10: .Heavy Armor. Kaiju have thick skin, armor, or chitinous plates.
Gargantuan: Kaiju are size +14. They add 14 to toughness and 14 steps to their Strength. Their natural weapons and Ranged attack are Heavy Weapons. They add their Size bonus to melee damage and attacks made against them by human-sized creatures are made at +4.
Attack, Melee: Kaiju always have a massive bite, claw, tail or other innate attack that causes Str+3d6 damage.
Attack, Ranged: Kaiju can fire a blast of lightning, stream of acid, or radioactive bolt. Range 24/48/96, Damage 3d10.
Kaiju have 3 wound levels and roll a wild die, but no Bennies of their own.

Kaiju Creation
Use standard character creation rules.  
Exception take no hindrances. This is due to the manufactured nature of Kaiju.  
No edges, edges are taken by buying levels in the Super Edge power. 
Skills may be taken from the following list

  • Climbing
  • Fighting
  • Intimidation
  • Notice
  • Shooting
  • Stealth
  • Survival
  • Swimming
  • Taunt
  • Throwing
  • Tracking

Kaiju have 25 power points to spend
more levels and modifiers can be purchased and added to Attack (Melee), Attack (Ranged), Armor
The following powers are not allowed. They just don't fit the nature of Kaiju.

  • Ageless
  • Broadcast
  • Construct
  • Doesn't eat 
  • Doesn't Sleep
  • Gifted
  • Growth (How much bigger do you need to be???)
  • Interface
  • Invent
  • Minions
  • Possession
  • Shape Change
  • Speak Language
  • Sidekick
  • Super Sorcery
  • Undead

The Super Edge power is modified to allow all combat edges and the edges Alertness, Berserk, and Quick.

Here is a sample Kaiju 


Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4 (A), Spirit d4, Strength d12+14, Vigor d10
Skills: Fighting d12, Shooting d10, Notice d6
Pace: 30 (2d6) Parry: 8 Toughness:31 (10)
Edges: AB (Super Powers)
Special Abilities:

Axe Hand: He has an axe for a hand!!!!! d12+14+5d6  Lethal, Focus, Multiple attack 
Rancid Vomit: He spews for a giant stream of stomach acid, well and at least a few breweries worth of beer. Range 24/48/96, Damage 3d10.
Super Edge: Berserk, Nerves of Steel, Improved Nerves of Steel
Extra Actions: 2 levels
Ensnare: Very strong. His luxurious and vicious beard lashes out and entangles an enemy.

Gar-Tar is the first Canadian Kaiju created after the Japanese shared the Kaiju technology.  He is a massive being reminiscent of the legendary Bigfoot.  His chest is devoid of hair to show case is spectacular ripped abs and pecks.  His left hand is a gigantic axe made of super hardened bone.  Did i forget to mention is luxurious and vicious beard, well is luxurious and vicious.