Friday, February 17, 2017

Ahh the joys of insecurities

This happened much sooner than i anticipated.  My insecurities about allowing my written creations out into the world flared big time last night.  I went from very excited about the prospect of creating and sharing my  worlds, to this is utter nonsensical crap.  It started with that annoying little question, "is this too much."  My rational brain had the come back of, "You are making a world where giant genetically monsters are fighting robots and jellyfish aliens. come on keep going i like this idea"  Sadly i went to bed with thoughts of scrapping this project and the blog as a whole.

Thankfully i woke up with a fresh mind.  Also i checked facebook and the first post was from a Savage Associate of mine.  it said, "If you are ever worried about sharing an idea, remember some sitting around in a meeting said hey lets make a movie about a tornado full of sharks."  Damn straight someone did and that movie did incredibly well.  Now i have no excuses, damn it. 
SO now i am going to go with my plan of adding Mutants ranging from sadly mutated to the much celebrated super powered mutants as the special forces of the ARC Federation.

I also had a very good talk with my closest and dearest friend about this. She has always been very supportive and encouraging of me writing and creating.  I was lamenting about my worries if anyone actally reads this or will read this.  Would anyone actually want to play a game in the settings i am creating and want to create? She told me it is very obvious for where ever i am heading on my life path this blog is important.  It is the first steps to get me to where i am intended to be.  I need to continue to write it for me.  Continue to create for me. If anyone else reads and enjoys what i create then even better. 

I now unapologetically blaze forward with my weirdly gonzo mentally mutated creations and along the path ahead of me.  For those of you that have read this, i thank you. 

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