Thursday, February 16, 2017

The human bits

The Humany bits of the game.  The main reason i want players to make a Kaiju and a human is to add some sort of diversity to the setting and to game sessions.  Its like playing a mecha campaign, you have to get out of the robot sometimes.  I feel that if the players only had a Kaiju to control the game would be left to one shots or a couple of sessions.  Who knows it still very well end up that way, i hope not.  I am going to call the humans Kaiju Tamers at this moment in time because i still haven't found what i want to call them.

Kaiju Tamers

Kaiju tamers are handpicked from the various military forces composing the League of Nations.  Each candidate is tested to fit a very strict psychological and physiological standard.  Once they have been selected into the Kaiju program their first task is to help create their Kaiju.

The tamer enters a Link Tank.  These are large tanks, similar to a sensory deprivation tank.   This tanks are filled with a special neuroreceptive goo common called the "Soup".  The Tamer is completely submerged in the Soup.  It takes a few moments for the Tamer to adjust each time as they retrain their body to breath in the Soup.  Once they have acclimated the linking process begins.  The Tamer is put into a deep trance while they are instructed to think of their Kaiju.  The genetic engineers are able to monitor the subconscious projections of the tamer and create a suitable Kaiju.  This process is one of the first steps in creating the ability to link with a Kaiju.

The Kaiju are then grown rapidly and reach maturity in three months.  During this period the Tamers enter the Link Tanks once a week and mentally link with their Kaiju. To both ensure the bond is complete and to acclimate the Tamer to the Linking process.

Once the Kaiju reach maturity the the Tamer and their Kaiju  run through an intensive training programs.  The Tamer learns how to use the natural abilities and powers their Kaiju possess.  The Tamers are also required to care for their Kaiju when not linked, in attempt to further increase the bond between the two.

Kaiju are created with a type of emotional fail safe.  When not linked with a tamer they are in a greatly subdued state.  While not listless or unresponsive they are not prone to great amounts of activity.  They mostly sleep or roam around special created Kaiju Preserves.  Nor are they able to access their powers when not linked to their tamer.  This became standard after the first batch of Kaiju destroyed their preserve and escaped, causing havoc on the undisclosed island they were being kept.  When linked with their tamer the Kaiju "comes alive" if you will.  They are for more active and ready for action.  Many tamers have speculated that they are the physical embodiment of the Kaiju's Soul.  With out them the Kaiju is just a giant domesticated animal.  Even when not linked and they are in close proximity the Kaiju respond with a form of affection and liven up in their activity.

The Link.

In order to link with a kaiju a Tamer must enter into a link tank.  After about a minute the link is fully established.  The Kaiju and the Tamer have become of the same mind.  The Tamer is in effect the Kaiju.  While Kaiju are not able to communicate in a known language the Tamers in a squad are able to communicate with each other and HQ.  Each squad consists of 5 Kaiju.  At the headquarters each of the Tamers Link Tanks are connected which allows the Tamers to send messages to all the Other connected tanks.  These message are broadcast to the control room to monitor the squad activity.  The control room is able to see and hear everything each Kaiju is experiencing.  They also monitor all the vital signs of each Kaiju of the squad.

The broadcast signal between the Tamer in its tank and the Kaiju has a range of 1500 Km.  The Kaiju refuses to go past that range.  If any test have been done on the effect of Kaiju and tamer passed 1500 Km they are Top secret.

To end the link the Tamer simply focuses on severing the link and returning their consciousness to their body.  The process takes about a minute as well. once the connection is ended the tamer is exhausted.  Spending half an hour in the Link Tank all level of exhaustion are removed.

The Legion uses specialized drop ships to transport the Kaiju into the field.  One ship for each Kaiju.  A mobile Command center containing the squads is placed well behind enemy lines and highly fortified against attacks.  The tamer and Kaiju link before the Kaiju is dropped into combat.

The Crunchy bits
Well that was a lot more fluff than i anticipated when i sat down to write this up.

Each Player character is given the Kaiju Bond edge for free at creation.  This is addition to the usual edge they get.

Kaiju Link
Requirements: Novice
      This edge allows you to be able to Link with your Kaiju via a Link Tank.When merged your Smarts and Spirit traits replace the Kaiju's.  Any hindrances and edges you have are suppressed while you are merged with the Kaiju.  You take on all other Traits, Skills, and abilities of the Kaiju's.  If one of your skills are higher than a skill the Kaiju possesses you add a +1 to the roll as a successful cooperative roll.  You are able to spend bennies and roll your wild die while merged with the Kaiju.

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