Monday, February 13, 2017

So it begins

Hello everybody

I decided i need to start a new blog to share my Savage Worlds musings and creations.  Mostly i am beginning to work on a Fan setting for a game that involves players being able to play giant monsters, like Godzilla, called Kaiju.  The will be defending the world from an invading techno-organic jellyfish like alien race called the Kolovians.  The Kolovians emerged from a giant red rift in the sky and attacked while the right in the middle of World War III. Which was being fought with the emergent technology of Mecha.
The war was between the ARC Federation, an alliance of the USA, Russia, and China, and the reestablished League of Nations, which mostly consists of the European Union, The United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan.

The mecha technology was barely able to hold its own against the massive war machines of the Kolovians, which are my homage to H.G. Wells war of the Worlds.  Giant domes with legs and lots and lots of tentacles.  Humanity was losing the battle, until the Japanese released their secret weapon.  The Kaiju.....

The Japanese had been growing these genetic monstrosities to attack the ARC Federation.  They were created using a hodge podge of DNA from various creatures then treated with a nice healthy mutating dose of radiation to grow them to a massive scale.  The Japanese recruited a specialized group of humans to be the controllers of the monsters.  Some of the humans DNA was used in the creation of a specific Kaiju just for that human.  Therefore creating a unique bond.  The Kaiju Tamers then enter a tank filled with nueroreceptive goo and send their consciousness into the body of the Kaiju.  The super powered and sized Kaiju were able to deal a blow the mecha were not able to.  Pushing the Kolovians back and changing the tide of the war.

The ARC Federation demanded the League share this new technology, and the demand was quickly request was denied.  The Federation took this as a direct affront and began to increase hostility against the League and all the while fighting off the Kolovians.

This is where the game takes place.  The players will crate a human character and a Kaiju character.

i am hoping that a setting like this will give plenty opportunity for player to get to smash up quite a bit with their giant monsters.. Both Mecha from the Federation and giant aliens.

For now i have the racial template for the Kaiju done and then when i get the Kolovians created i will include them in a new post.

Kaiju racial stats

Strength and Vigor start at d8
Spirit and Smarts may never exceed d6
Pace 30 (3d6)
Start with Arcane Background (Super powers) 30 power points
Armor +10: Heavy Armor. Kaiju have thick skin, armor, or chitinous plates.
Gargantuan: Kaiju are size +14. They add 14 to toughness and 14 steps to their Strength. Their natural attacks are Heavy Weapons. They add their Size bonus to melee damage and attacks made against them by human-sized creatures are made at +4.
Natural Weapons: Kaiju always have a massive bite, claw, tail or other innate attack that causes Str+2d12 (+Size) damage.
Ranged Attack: Kaiju can fire a blast of lightning, stream of acid, or radioactive bolt. Range 24/48/96, Damage 3d10, MBT. This is a Heavy Weapon attack.
Wild Card: a Kaiju rolls a wild die and has standard wound levels. A Kaiju does not have a Benny pool of its own.

"The Kaiju Racial Stats are based on the Giant Monster from the Super Powers Companion (2nd Ed.) and is used here with permission from Pinnacle Entertainment Group." also to be on the safe these stats do not grant creative common licensing.  Just wanted make sure i include that so i don't get in trouble and all


  1. Will the entire blog be dedicated to Savage Worlds? If so, I can grab the whole feed and add it to the aggregated SBN feed. Otherwise, if you add the label "Savage Worlds" to the respective posts, I can grab that feed instead. Let me know! :)

  2. Yes the whole blog will be dedicated to Savage Worlds. Either my creations for the game, games I have run, or ideas or inspirations