Saturday, February 18, 2017

Some tweeking

I ran a quick little battle to test some numbers on the kaiju. Just to test my worries of their Strength.  Which I was correct, way too tough. I used the Gar Tar kaiju and set him up against to assault mechs from the sci-fi companion.  He shredded them. Ripped through 80 points of shield each, the hit after the shield were gone, their only saving grace was to compartmentalized feature.  Gar-Tar did get shaken once and received one wound right at the end.
Now I want them to be powerhouses, that was the point. But I did not anticipate their sheer size affecting so much. My thoughts now are to bring them down to size 12.  This way the GM can bring in size 12 mech to have a equal sized combatant. These would be cutting edge ARC federation technology kaiju killers.
I am also going to adjust starting powers and point levels.  Excluding size I had the kaiju at 45 power points. This included armor, melee and ranged attacks baked in and them the extra 25 points.  I think I will removes the inherent armor, and attacks. And drop the total points to 30. Being gargantuan still gives them heavy armor and attacks automatically. This also gives the player a bit more control on their kaiju abilities. And keep them more in line with the power level of the world.

Here is the new and hopefully improved kaiju.

Kaiju racial stats

Strength and Vigor start at d8
Spirit and Smarts may never exceed d6
Kaiju have Animal Intelligence
Pace 30 (2d6)

Start with Arcane Background (Super powers) 30 power points.

Gargantuan: Kaiju start at size 12. This adds 12 to their toughness and twelve steps to their Strength ability. All of a kaiju attacks are Heavy Weapon attacks and they are considered to have heavy armor. A human sized combatant receives a +4 to attack rolls when attacking a Kaiju.

Kaiju have 3 wound levels

Retooled Gar-Tar


Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4 (A), Spirit d4, Strength d12+12, Vigor d10
Skills: Fighting d12+1, intimidation d10, Notice d6
Pace: 30 (2d6) Parry: 8 Toughness:25 (5)
Edges: AB (Super Powers)
Special Abilities:

Axe Hand: He has an axe for a hand!!!!! d12+12+4d6  Lethal, Focus, Multiple attack 
Armor: His thick fur and tough skin provide 5 armor
Super Edge: Berserk, Nerves of Steel
Extra Actions: 1 levels
Ensnare: Very strong. His luxurious and vicious beard lashes out and entangles an enemy.

Super Skill: To show his natural skill infighting with his axe hand 1 lvl

Gar-Tar is the first Canadian Kaiju created after the Japanese shared the Kaiju technology.  He is a massive being reminiscent of the legendary Bigfoot.  His chest is devoid of hair to show case is spectacular ripped abs and pecks.  His left hand is a gigantic axe made of super hardened bone.  Did i forget to mention is luxurious and vicious beard, well is luxurious and vicious.

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